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Connect with Customers Without Compromising Your Values?

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Joy and her team offer Spirit-led support designed to help you and your business STAND OUT IN THE MARKETPLACE without using high-pressure sales, clever hype, or subtle manipulation.

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Set It & Forget It


When you have products, services, and solutions to sell—but there’s only so much of you to go around.

You need full-service marketing communications support from someone with Spirit-led insights and know-how to get things done.

You want to “set it and forget it,” as Informercial King Ron Popeil famously said.

This option, customized to meet your needs, provides ongoing support using relationship marketing rooted in The Ultimate How-To Guide to create Spirit-led web pages, email campaigns, courses, marketing content, and more.

While rates vary because every proposal is prayed over, this methodical long-game option typically starts at $1,500/month for three-month engagements. 

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Do you have products, services, and God-given messages swirling inside your head but you're not sure how to SHARE them with your audience?

Do you want to CREATE clear website copy, relatable email campaigns, workshops, course, and other marketing assets to share your business in the online marketplace?

If you like to DO the work, my 1-on-1 Done-With You Coaching Program is for you.

You and I will use specific Joyful Copy frameworks to help you achieve your goals.

When you're ready to roll up your sleeves and LEARN HOW to "do marketing" that aligns with biblical principles, then consider working  with a Spirit-led communications strategist who will teach, guide, encourage, and pray for you along the way. You will also receive feedback on the things you create. 

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À La Carte Projects

Sometimes you require support to help you with a particular project. 

Just like fine-dining restaurants, the ability to order individual dishes—or in this case, order specific services—that cater to your needs will let you choose as much or as little as you want.

Explore the options below and select one that meets your needs. If you need something that is not listed, contact me.

Spirit-Led Strategic Marketing Communications Planning Session

If you’re ready to uncover God’s best for your business, then this Spirit-Led Strategy Session will give you a clear communications plan for reaching your audience with a list of outcome and process options from which to choose.

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Engaging Email Campaigns

When writing relationship-building emails isn't your favorite thing to do, you want to hire a professional communicator to write email campaigns for you.  You've come to the right place if you need customized emails that create connections, offer valuable insights, and showcase your expertise.

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3-Day LIVE, Hands-On Workshop

Create and complete a lead nurturing campaign with Spirit-led insights and relationship-building email copy that will connect with your customers. This live, interactive workshop offers practical, easy-to-do frameworks with BONUS feedback for everyone who completes the assignments. Talk about a win-win.

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Copy Audits

If you want professional feedback on your content, then my four-step copy audit process will provide you with results you can use and apply right away. From breathing new life into your existing copy to making comprehensive changes, my Joyful Copy Audits are customized to ensure your copy will connect with your customers.

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