Joyful Copy Audit: Let's Dive In & Review Your Copy 

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Does What You've Written Achieve Your Desired Results?

Do the words you write about your products and services attract customers like sharks drawn to chum in the water?

Or does your copywriting sink to the depths of the ocean floor like a shipwreck?

If what you’ve written isn’t working, you need a Copy Audit.

If Your Copy Isn't Working, Then How Will You Stand Out in a “Sea” of Competitors?

Good News!

Your copy may only need a few simple changes to breath new life into it.

Or you may need to put it on life support with comprehensive changes.

Worse case scenario, you may consider pulling the plug. (AKA, starting over.)

Discover Why People Aren’t Taking Action.

Imagine how fresh eyes on your copy will uncover hidden issues you are too close to see.

Let me dive into your web pages, sales pages, landing pages, and email sequences to help you uncover:

  • Why people aren’t buying,
  • What seems unbelievable, confusing, or boring,
  • How to connect with your audience,
  • Where power words will evoke emotion,
  • And much more…

How Does Your Joyful Copy™ Audit Work?

After you identify the copy you want reviewed, we walk through four steps:

1: Discussing Your Needs 

We schedule a 30-minute call for you to describe the concerns you have with the copy you want audited, as well as the results you had hoped your copy would achieve.

2: Analyzing Your Selected Copy

I will look for opportunities for improvement and uncover key issues that might prevent you from reaching your goal. I'll turn my findings into a list of strategic suggestions.

3: Delivering Feedback

You will receive a report that lists out the problems that may be blocking your results. You will also receive clear suggestions for changes you may want to make for greater impact.

4: Releasing Results

Choose ONE option:

1) Receive feedback via a PDF-report and video-recording where I share my findings.

2) Upgrade for live feedback in one-hour face-to face Zoom call that is recorded. (The upgrade option is available at checkout by checking the box.)

Joyful Copy Audits Start at $325.

Price range varies based on the type of copy you want audited, and if you select a recorded feedback or a live call to review the results.

Copy reviews could include a web page, sales page, email sequence, or landing page.

Select your copy audit option below.

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