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A Dive Deep To Review, Revise, & Revive Your Copy 

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Is Your Marketing Copy Achieving Your Desired Results?

Do the words shared about your business attract customers like blood in the water attracts sharks?

Or is your marketing copy missing the mark and sinking like a shipwreck?

If the words on your website, sales page, or email sequence aren't working, a Joyful Copy Audit will give you professional insights to:

  • UNCOVER PROBLEM AREAS you may be overlooking or too close to see 
  • OFFER PRACTICAL TIPS for revising, reworking, and improving your results
  • ELIMINATE SUBTLE HYPERBOLE,  manipulation, or copy-cat syndrome
  • SHOWCASE DIFFERENTIATORS so your uniqueness shines
  • ENSURE GOD'S BEST for your marketing communications

When Your Copy Isn't Working, It Is Hard To Stand Out In The “Sea” of Competitors. Right?!

Good News!

Your copy may only need a few simple changes to breath new life into it.

Or you may need to put it on life support with comprehensive changes.

Worse case scenario, you may consider pulling the plug. (AKA, starting over.)

Discover Why People Aren’t Taking Action.

Imagine how a professional communicator's eyes on your copy will uncover hidden issues you are too close to see. 

Imagine how much deeper that review will be because our Christ-following team partners with Holy Spirit on every project we undertake.

Let us dive into your web pages, sales pages, landing pages, and email sequences to help you uncover:

  • WHY people aren’t buying,
  • WHAT seems unbelievable, confusing, or boring,
  • HOW to connect with your audience,
  • WHAT Holy Spirit's perspective is on your copy,
  • And much more…

How Does Your Joyful Copy Audit Work?

After you identify the copy you want reviewed, we walk through four steps:

1: Share Your Needs. 

The initial questionnaire is where you will describe any concerns you have with the copy you need audited, as well as the results you had hoped your copy would achieve.

2: Analyze Your Copy.

I'll invite Holy Spirit into the copy review as I seek out areas to improve, any key issues, and create a list of strategic suggestions for copy changes. 

3: Deliver Feedback.

You will receive a report with a Loom video that walks you through my analysis and specific recommendations for changes to give you greater impact.

4: Review Suggestions.

We will schedule a Zoom call to answer any questions you may have before you (or your team) implement the recommended changes.

Start Connecting with Your Customers...

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Each Audit Includes:

  • INITIAL QUESTIONNAIRE to understand your concerns, goals, and desires.
  • COPY AUDIT & ANALYSIS  to review ONE website, sales page, or email sequence.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS REPORT and Loom video with copy revision suggestions.
  • Q&A CALL  to discuss the findings and answer any questions. (60-minutes RECORDED)
  • EMAIL SUPPORT  for up to two weeks after our Q&A call.

Get Your Professional Copy Audit for ONLY $755.

(That's a  FRACTION of what it costs to hire a copywriter.)

I Need This Copy Audit.

Answers to Your Questions.

You will learn what IS working, what is NOT working, why, and what to do about it.

You will receive suggestions for possible headlines, sub headlines, subject lines, copy flow, Call to Actions, etc.

This audit will provide you suggestions to make your copy better and help you achieve the results you desire.

This audit will also make recommendations to ensure your copy does NOT have any subtle hype or manipulation by following the Joyful Copy Framework.

(The Joyful Copy Framework uses marketing communications best practices filtered through three key scripture verses: Galatians 5:22-23 & Phil. 4:8.)

A complete rewrite MAY require additional pricing based on the size of the project. IF that is the case, a discount will be calculated into your offer because you purchased this audit.

Light research will occur to uncover insights that could help your copy stand out. 

But a deep dive into research is only included in complete rewrites, which is a different project. 


Proofreading - This audit is not designed to find your typos. Although we will point spelling and grammar errors out to you if we find them. The focus is to help you have copy that will connect with your customer.

SEO Recommendations - While keywords are important, the focus is on how your copy connects with your customer ethically and authentically while (hopefully) getting them to take action.

Design - While we will recommend certain key tips to make your copy pop and sign, we are NOT graphic designers.



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