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Connect with Your Customers Authentically

Are you eager to sell your offerings, but not sure what to say?

Is your website beautiful, but it doesn't capture your ideal client's attention?

Do you offer valuable information, but it feels like no one is listening?

Then Joyful CopyCamp will teach you what to write.

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Dear Values-Based Entrepreneur

Welcome to an interactive-coaching class designed for faith-based (and secular) business owners who want to use copy to connect with customers authentically.

I'm Joy, and my Joyful CopyCamp will teach you how to speak the language of your audience while sharing your message.

If you're a values-based entrepreneur with a product or service, and want to:

  • Understand your customers better to connect with your audience authentically
  • Write copy (words) to build rapport and relationships without manipulation or hype
  • Compose engaging website or sales page copy that removes possible roadblocks and objections

…then this live coaching course is for you. 

How Will Writing Good Copy Help Your Business?

Writing well is a skill that requires know-how, research, practice, and time.

While it would be nice to throw words on a page and see immediate results, it doesn't work that way. 

When You Know How to Write Copy Well, Then Your Words Will:

Draw in the right customers for potential business

Show you understand your customers' pain points

Describe how you solve problems & overcome objections

Answer why your offerings help them achieve results

Elevate the transformation your solutions provide

Separate you from your competitors authentically

Are Your Words Cutting Through The Noise & Connecting with Customers?

In today’s information-overloaded, me-focused world—it is hard to know how to take a stand while standing out.

Joyful CopyCamp will give you foundational tools to help you understand and connect with your audience better.

By combining proven techniques with Biblical principles, my framework teaches believers and non-believers alike how to write clearly.

This live, virtual-coaching course allows me to partner with you—and other like-minded individuals—who want to determine, distill, and deliver their message to others.

We will walk through the same exercises I use to dive deep with my one-on-one clients, so you will know how to use the strategy in your business.

Each sessions builds on the previous lesson and leverages frameworks you will use to write content that draws the right customers in. 

Who Will Benefit From Joyful CopyCamp?

Any principled entrepreneur with:

  • Desire to connect with their customers.
  • Products or services to sell.
  • Passion for serving others authentically.
  • Ambition to write trustworthy and joyful copy.

What Is Joyful CopyCamp?

My live, virtual course provides you with foundational information that will give you a high-level understanding for connecting with your customers authentically

If you want to learn the methods I use, join me in the next five-week Joyful CopyCamp live coaching program. 

What's Included:
  • A special session on Why You Need to Write Joyfully with Shae Bynes, founder of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur. (Recorded live on July 14th)
  • 5 Weeks of live, virtual coaching calls + 1 Bonus Session
  • Recordings of each call accessible through your Kajabi library
  • Guides, frameworks, templates, and how-tos
  • Live Q&A sessions, and copy reviews opportunities

Note: While copy does the heavy lifting, conversions are not won with copy alone. Website traffic, reputation, website quality, product-market fit, and strategic outreach to target audiences are some of the variables that also play significant roles in the success of any business endeavor.

Here's What We'll Cover Together.

Click each module below to see the overview for the sessions.

Session 1: Finding the Keys To Unlock Doors (75 min.)

  • Defining your audience & how you help them 
  • Understanding your audience 
  • Listening: to yourself and your competitors 
  • Applying what you learn 
  • Templates / Homework


Session 2: Removing Roadblocks with Answers (75 min.)

  • Uncovering Objections
  • Answering Why
  • Templates / Homework

Session 3: Guiding Your Audience (75 min.)

  • Who to focus on
  • How design increases engagement
  • Why you need headlines & subheads
  • How to write Joyful Headlines and Subheads
  • Templates / Homework

Session 4: Writing Copy that Connects (75 min.)

  • Before Your Write (Outlines)
  • After Your Write (Frameworks)
  • Templates / Homework


Session 5: Writing Online Copy (75 min.)

  • Sales Page Copy versus Website Copy
  • What to include and why
  • Using headlines and subheads
  • Templates / Homework
  • Revisit high-level points 
  • Last minute reviews (as submitted by students)
  • Feedback / Q&A

Let Writing Joyful CopyCamp Help You Learn to Connect With Your Audience.

Weekly Classes Start July 30, 2020
11 a.m. or 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (UTC-4).

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What Happens After You Register?

You’ll receive a confirmation email from me after you register. (Please make sure to whitelist [email protected] with your email service provider.)

I'll also send you additional emails with dates and Zoom links for our virtual calls, as well as calendar invites.

You will also receive log in credentials to Kajabi, which is where you'll find your initial welcome video and course materials. 

With Holy Spirit's goal to make this foundational training available broadly, additional sessions will be added as needed.

I’m here to help you determine, distill, and deliver information about your products and services.

Let’s work together so you will have a foundation to start writing words that connect with customers authentically.

Committed to Serving Others,


PS. If you have a few questions, then the section below is for you. And if you don't see your question, drop me an email and I'll get you squared away.

You Have Questions. I Have Answers.

I will walk you through the process I use when I provide Done-For or Done-With-You copywriting and coaching services to clients who want to connect with their audience.

You will learn foundational steps to apply to your business. You will receive session recordings, templates, and frameworks to apply to your business.

See the curriculum for more details about what each session will cover.

I typically work through these materials with clients over many months. Writing good copy that connects takes time, testing, and refinement.

The Joyful CopyCamp sessions are compressed and designed to move quickly so you have a foundation you will follow over time.

Consider blocking out time to attend each session and work on the homework every week.

Even if you only do a little bit of the homework, you’ll have a foundation for writing  copy that connects when you have time to work through it.

You will learn foundational concepts you will use once you determine your product or service.

Joyful CopyCamp is intended for those who know who their audience is and what they want to offer them.

(I am adept at translating visionary concepts into actionable soundbites. You may want to ask me to help you with that in a separate coaching program.)

You can review the recorded sessions as your schedule permits inside Kajabi.

Yes, the calls use Zoom, which is accessible via any mobile device.

You will receive a link to each recording following the call, which you may view on any device at any time.

The goal is to upload the recordings into Kajabi, which allows you to view content from your mobile device at anytime.

Joyful CopyCamp is designed to equip you with the tools you need to conduct research and write copy that connects with your audience.

There are assignments at the end of each session for you to complete.

You will be better positioned to ask questions and get feedback if you are able to complete the homework.

Time permitting, I will review a portion of 1-2 assignments during a call for the group to see.

Please send any assignment you want me to review THREE days before the next scheduled group call, per the class calendar.

As a Joyful CopyCamp participant, you will have the opportunity to purchase additional one-on-one sessions with me at a discounted rate.

Just let me know you’re interested, and I’ll send you the details.

The goal is to release the online DIY course in 2021.

Joyful CopyCamp provides training to help you connect with customers authentically and ethically without hype or manipulation.

While there are Biblical principles woven throughout the content and methods Joy uses for copywriting, they are applicable to any type of business no matter what you believe.

"Joy's copy draws readers in without the old used car salesman feel. Her writing respects the reader’s intelligence without insult or pressure."

Observed Helen Wray
Called To Success, LLC

"As a result of working her system of discovering your unique voice, you can be assured that your story will reach exactly who needs to hear it. "

Amy Allmon
Hopeslinger, Massage Therapist

"Joy’s frameworks are robust and the work is tough and necessary. I got clearer than I ever was about who I really wanted to work with after working with Joy."

Chuen Chuen Yeo
Agility Leadership Coach

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