Joyful CopyCamp

Connect with Your Customers Authentically

Do you have products and services to sell, but aren't sure what to say?

Does your website feature YOUR awesomeness or the problems YOU solve for customers?

Do you wonder what or how to write about your business?

Do you need to show the benefits of your solutions, but only see features?

Do you offer valuable insights, but it feels like no one is listening?

Then Joyful CopyCamp will teach you foundations for writing and growing your business.

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Dear Values-Based Entrepreneur

Welcome to a writing course designed for business owners who want to use words to connect with customers authentically.

My Joyful CopyCamp will teach you how to find and use your ideal clients' language to share your solutions without hype or manipulation.

If you're an entrepreneur with products or services, understanding your customers is critical for your success. Once you do, you will:

  • Connect with your audience authentically.
  • Present your solutions with confidence.
  • Write copy (words) that will build rapport and relationships. 
  • Avoid using manipulation or hype that distorts the truth.
  • Answer why while addressing possible objections,  so they buy when the time is right.

How Will Writing Good Copy Help Your Business?

Writing well is a skill that requires know-how, research, practice, and time.

While it would be nice to throw words on a page and see immediate results, it doesn't work that way. 

The more you follow the frameworks offered in this course, as well as partnering with God in your business, the more your words will help you connect with your audience while achieving your business goals.

Writing joyful, values-based copy will showcase how your business solves specific problems with sincerity, honesty,  integrity, and much more.

When You Know How to Write Copy Well, Then Your Words Will:

Draw in the RIGHT customers for potential business

Show you understand your customers' problems

Describe how your solutions solve their problems

Answer WHY your offerings help them achieve results

Elevate the transformation your business offers

Help your business stand out from competitors

Are Your Words Cutting Through The Noise & Connecting with Customers?

In today’s information-overloaded, me-focused world—it is hard to know how to take a stand while standing out.

Joyful CopyCamp will give you foundational tools to help you understand and connect with your audience better.

Using proven techniques with Biblical principles, my joyful frameworks teaches believers and non-believers alike how to write clearly.

This coaching course allows me to partner with you—and other like-minded individuals—to determine, distill, and deliver your message to others.

We will walk through the same exercises I use to dive deep with my one-on-one clients, so you will know how to use the strategy in your business.

Each session builds on the previous lesson and leverages frameworks you will use to write content that draws the right customers in. 

Who Will Benefit From Joyful CopyCamp?

Any principled entrepreneur with:

  • Desire to connect with their customers.
  • Products or services to sell.
  • Passion for serving others authentically.
  • Ambition to write trustworthy and joyful copy.
  • Drive to take action and apply what you learn.
  • Determination to align with Biblical values.

"Getting training on how to write in an authentic way that is aligned with your values is essential. Joy Capps is a resource you can trust to help you do just that! "

Shae Bynes
Chief Fire Igniter, Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur

"Joyful CopyCamp is an excellent investment of your time, energy, and money. Put in the work and see it pay off. I did and no longer struggle to connect with my customers. "

Amy Blanchard
Amy B Goodies, Owner

"God used Joy to show me how to write for myself. I truly thank God for her gift to write and teach others to do the same. It is obvious she is obedient to seek His face for guidance. "

Dani Washington
Foster Accountability App Owner

"Joy is more than willing to get in the trenches with you. She is committed as long as you’ve made the commitment to do the work."

Tawanna Harding
Lead Realtor of The Ion Group

"I have taken other courses on content writing in the past, but Joy has the best system and gets the information across. She responds very quickly to your questions."

Henry Czubkowski
Owner, Church Growth Software

What Is Joyful CopyCamp?

My coaching course provides you with foundational information that will help you understand how to connect with your customers authentically

If you want to learn the methods I use with my 1:1 clients, then join me in the next Joyful CopyCamp course and coaching program. 

What's Inside Joyful CopyCamp:

OPTION 1: Do-It-Yourself Course (self-paced)

This DIY course allows you to work through the lessons at your own pace. If you like autonomy without a schedule, then this option is for you. 

  • A free mini-course Copy That Connects & Converts 
  • 30+ video sessions that walk you through step-by-step
  • Guides, frameworks, templates, and how-to write for your audience while strengthening your foundation.

OPTION 2: Live Group Coaching + DIY Course (most popular)

If you enjoy live interaction with your coach (that's ME!) and others at an affordable price, then group coaching is for you. You'll benefit from a scheduled structure that pushes you and your cohort through the materials at a cost that's lower than 1-on-1 coaching.

  • 8 Weeks of virtual group coaching calls  (Choose from one of two time-options: 11 a.m. ET or 8 p.m. ET)
  • Recordings of each call accessible through your Kajabi library
  • Live Q&A sessions and feedback
  • Copy review opportunities
  • Personalized interaction during group coaching or Loom videos (Available to those who submit homework for review during Joyful CopyCamp. First-come, first-served basis.)

OPTION 3: Done-WITH-YOU + Do-It-Yourself Course + Group Coaching  (limited availability)

Sometimes you need to work with your coach one-on-one to achieve your specific writing goals with greater accountability. If you want ME to ride shotgun with you as learn what and how to write, then this option is for you. 

  • NINE One-on-One Done-WITH-You Pre-Scheduled Coaching Sessions over THREE months. 
  • Customized Coaching & Strategy tailored to YOUR needs for creating one page of web copy.
  • Built-in accountability so you work through the materials and get things done.
  • Honest and open mindset discussions to increase your discipline, drive, and determination.
  • Prayers from a coach who partners with God and with you.
  • Encouragement to dig deeper when you need that extra push.
  • Tailored feedback to push you forward while helping YOU write for your audience.
  • Ongoing email, text, and Loom support during this three month project.

Please Note: While copy does the heavy lifting, conversions are not won with copy alone. Website traffic, reputation, website quality, product-market fit, and strategic outreach to target audiences are some of the variables that also play significant roles in the success of any business endeavor. Joyful Alignment also plays a significant role in whatever you write, say, do, and offer through your business.

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Here's What We'll Cover Together

Click each section below to see an overview for the lessons.

What is Copy?

  • The difference between copywriting and copyrighting
  • The history and evolution of copywriting
  • How copy is used today

WHY Use Joyful Copy?

  • The world today
  • Online makes the world smaller
  • Selling focused on needs, wants, and desires
  • How psychology is used in everything

Clickbait or Joyful Copy

  • The know, like, and trust factor
  • Authenticity & Alignment VS. Manipulation & Deception

The Foundation for Everything

  • How Planning, Praying, and Blessings Support Your Business

Finding Keys

  • Your Perceptions about Your Customers, Business, and Competitors (WARNING: This section WILL stretch you.)
  • Your Products
    • Mapping the essentials
    • Features VS. Benefits

Unlocking Doors

  • Creating Your Reservoir of Info
  • Validating Your Perceptions
    • Surveys: What and How to ask
    • What to Do with the Research You Collect
  • How to listening to your audience, your competitors, and yourself 
  • Apply what you learn

Removing Roadblocks with Answers 

  • Uncovering Objections
  • Answering Why
  • Determine Your God-Given Gifts (aka Unique Selling Proposition)
  • Collecting and Using Testimonials
  • How to Achieve Success

Connecting with Your Audience

  • WHO to Focus On
  • How Design Increases Engagement
  • Active VS. Passive Writing

Using Joyful Headlines

  • WHY you need headlines and subheads
  • HOW to write Joyful Headlines

Writing Joyful Copy That Connects

  • What to Do BEFORE You Write 
  • Frameworks for AFTER You Write

Writing Online Copy

  • Sales Page Copy VS Website Copy
  • What to Include and Why

Putting it All Together

  • Pulling from Your Reservoir of Information
  • Frameworks for Laying Out Your Pages
    • One-page website template 
    • Multi-page website template 
    • Sales page template 
    • Events template 
    • Landing page template 
  • Reviewing what you’ve written 
  • Tips for Online Set Up
    • DIY: WordPress Divi, Squarespace, or Kajabi
    • Wix, Weebly, or Other canned solutions
    • Website security

How-To Sessions: requested by previous Joyful CopyCamp students

  • How I Pray & Partner with God in Business
  • How to Show Up in Business
  • How to Check for Alignment
  • How to Connect with Your Audience

Note: Additional sessions may be added to the bonus content over time.

Choose One of Three Joyful CopyCamp Options

Do-It-Yourself, Group Coaching, OR 1-on-1 Done-WITH-You

Option 1:
Joyful CopyCamp Do-It-Yourself

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)


1 Payment


38+ Videos

Guides, Frameworks

Templates, How-Tos

ONE Payment Sign Up Today

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)


2 Payments


38+ Videos

Guides, Frameworks

Templates, How-Tos

TWO Payments Sign Up Now

Option 2:
Joyful Copy Camp
DIY + Group Coaching

DIY+Group Coaching


1 Payment

Most Popular

8 Week LIVE Group Coaching

LIVE Q&A Sessions

Recordings of Every Call

Copy Review & Feedback

Email Support

ONE Payment Register Today

DIY+Group Coaching


2 Payments

Most Popular

8 Week LIVE Group Coaching

LIVE Q&A Sessions

Recordings of Every Call

Copy Review & Feedback

Email Support

TWO Payments Register Now

Option 3:
Joyful Copy Camp
DIY Course + Group Coaching + 1:1 Done-WITH-You Sessions



1 deeply discounted payment
Typically costs $3,000-7,500

Limited Availability

NINE one-hour calls in THREE months

Done-WITH-You Coaching

Tailored Feedback

Email, Text, & Loom Support

ONE Payment Sign Up Today



3 deeply discounted payments
Typically costs $3,000-7,500

Limited Availability

NINE one-hour calls in THREE months

Done-WITH-You Coaching

Tailored Feedback

Email, Text, & Loom Support

THREE Payments Sign Up Now

"If you want to build a solid copy foundation in partnership with Abba and want someone to guide you to discover how to authentically tap into your own potential of what God has called you to do in the market place, I highly recommend you to work with Joy. "

Mara Dower
Dower Business

"Joy’s frameworks are robust and the work is tough and necessary. I got clearer than I ever was about who I really wanted to work with after working with Joy."

Chuen Chuen Yeo
Agility Leadership Coach

"Joy's copy draws readers in without the old used car salesman feel. Her writing respects the reader’s intelligence without insult or pressure."

Observed Helen Wray
Called To Success, LLC

"The knowledge and experience Joy brings to the copywriting process made creating a clean, and engaging message easy."

Craig Pickerill
Rouge Motion & The Brain Unstuck

"As a result of working her system of discovering your unique voice, you can be assured that your story will reach exactly who needs to hear it. "

Amy Allmon
Hopeslinger, Massage Therapist

What Happens After You Register?

You’ll receive a confirmation email from me once you complete your registration. (Please make sure to whitelist [email protected] with your email service provider.)

You will also receive log in credentials to Kajabi, which is where you'll find your initial welcome video and course materials when everything kicks off on Feb. 25th.

If you sign up for the group coaching or 1:1 sessions, I'll also send you additional emails with dates and Zoom links for our virtual calls, as well as calendar invites.

My goal is to help you determine, distill, and deliver information about your products and services.

Let’s work together so you will start writing words that connect with customers authentically.

Committed to Serving Others,


Prov. 16:3

PS. If you have a few questions, then the section below is for you. And if you don't see your question, drop me an email and I'll get you squared away.

You Have Questions. I Have Answers.

There are three options from which to choose:

Do-It-Yourself Course (one-time price: $497) Allows you to work on your own and at your own pace.

Do-It-Yourself Course + Live Coaching Sessions (one-time price: $797) The Group Sessions meet for 8 weeks at 11 a.m. or 8 p.m. EST on Thursdays. Each meeting will provide live question and answer sessions. Participants who submit homework in advance of a session will receive a personal Loom video with feedback.

DIY+Group Coaching+Customized 1:1 Sessions (one-time price: $2,250) This limited availability option is offered at a greatly discounted rate to give you NINE coaching sessions (3 per month) over three months. It includes continual email, text, and Loom support during the three-month period. Note: 1:1 Done-WITH-YOU Sessions typically cost between $1,000-$2,500/month)

I will walk you through the process I use when I provide Done-For or Done-With-You copywriting and coaching services to clients who want to connect with their audience.

You will learn foundational steps to apply to your business. You will receive session recordings, templates, and frameworks to apply to your business.

See the curriculum for more details about what each session will cover.

What you put into this course will equal the results you achieve. 

I typically work through these materials with clients over many months. Writing good copy that connects takes time, testing, and refinement.

The Joyful CopyCamp sessions are compressed and designed to move quickly so you have a foundation you will follow over time.

Consider blocking out time to review the materials, attend the group coaching sessions, and work on the homework every week.

The more you apply yourself, the better results you'll experience.

Even doing a little bit of the homework during Joyful CopyCamp will provide you with a foundation for writing copy that connects. Then you'll want to circle back and when you have time to work through the materials.

You will learn foundational concepts you will use once you determine your product or service.

Joyful CopyCamp is intended for those who know who their audience is and what they offer them.

(I am adept at translating visionary concepts into actionable soundbites. You may want to ask me to help you with that in a separate, customized coaching program.)

You can review the recorded sessions as your schedule permits inside Kajabi.

Yes, the calls use Zoom, which is accessible via any mobile device.

You will receive a link to each recording following the call, which you may view on any device at any time.

The goal is to upload the recordings into Kajabi, which allows you to view content from your mobile device at anytime.

Joyful CopyCamp is designed to equip you with the tools you need to conduct research and write copy that connects with your audience.

There are assignments at the end of each session for you to complete.

You will be better positioned to ask questions and get feedback if you are able to complete the homework.

As a Joyful CopyCamp participant, you will have the opportunity to purchase additional one-on-one sessions with me at a discounted rate.

Just let me know you’re interested, and I’ll send you the details.

Yes, I plan to offer a class about writing emails and other types of content.

Joyful CopyCamp provides training to help you connect with customers authentically and ethically without hype or manipulation.

While there are Biblical principles woven throughout the content and methods Joy uses for copywriting, they are applicable to any type of business no matter what you believe.


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