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Like most business owners, you’ve spent your days, nights and weekends creating automated solutions that streamline workflows and make life easier.

You’ve built a platform or online community that addresses the needs for HR, Insurance, Healthcare, Non-Profits, or even Entrepreneurs.

You’re ready to capture the market, but you’re having a hard time getting attention. Since competitors appear at every turn, how can you attract customers while setting your company apart from the rest?

If you develop and follow a plan, over time you can see results in less time than you think.

46% of Companies Approach Marketing ​Without A Documented Strategy… Is Yours?

In the movie Field of Dreams, Kevin Costner’s character, Ray, had a similar problem but when he built it, they actually came.

In some ways, you’re probably just like Ray because you’ve created excellent products to meet specific business needs.

But since movies imitate life, you’re realizing it takes a lot of work to get customers to come.

You’re ready to deliver solutions and grow your market. But what do you do now?

It starts with a marketing blueprint (a documented strategy) designed to address your customers’ problems while positioning your company as a thought leader.

You need a SMART game plan to do this. (SMART = specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound)

Do you have one?

It is hard to reach your sales goals when you’re driving without a roadmap.

But you can achieve success when you follow a plan that uses marketing communications and thought-leadership content to:

  • Simplify your vision into easy-to-understand sound bites.
  • Crystalize your customer profile to help you create meaningful connections.
  • Create an action plan designed to achieve your goals.
  • Illustrate what you provide and why customers need it.
  • Position your company as a thought-leader with solutions to their problems.
  • Showcase how your products remove roadblocks and streamline processes.
  • Leverage your success stories while turning your customers into evangelists.

You need a blueprint that helps you to reach your customers.

But how do you the find time and energy to write a killer strategy and create thought-leadership content?

You’ve been doing your best, but it is obvious you need something more.

Let's Talk.

Be Memorable & ​Break Through The Noise

In addition to being stretched thin, you’re too close to your creations to market them effectively.

Why does this happen when you know more about your product and the industry than others?

I’m guessing your words are too complicated for your buyers.

You need a savvy translator to turn complex principles into user-speak.

But even with a refined message, you still need prospects to remember you; especially when your products solve their problems.

What if I told you there is a way to clarify your message, build trust, and offer valuable information so prospects think of your solution when it is time to buy?

Let’s look at few examples of what others have done.

If You Educate & Inform Without Selling, Then You Can Grow Your Business & Leave Competitors Behind

The Hardcore Seller: A Human Resources solutions provider wanted prospects to know their brand and solutions. I suggested offering a free webinar series with tips to solve the problems of their target audience—HR Managers.

They opted for webinars with hardcore product selling instead. Without thinking of the repercussions, they epitomized Meghan Trainor’s popular song “I Love Me.” (In other words, they focused on themselves instead of addressing the concerns and problems of their prospects.)

And guess what? Their approach did not create engagement. The webinar fell flat. The 40 people who signed up could have resulted in viable leads.

However, their hardcore sales approach caused prospects to turn off and abandon the session. Ultimately, the company did not reach their brand building or sales goals.

The Thought-Leader: Another HR company had similar goals.

I created a webinar series that offered solutions to the problems HR Managers experienced without any sales pitch. The series consistently provided tips and insights on topics that kept their prospective customers up at night.

More than 175 people signed up for the first webinar with a 40 percent attendance rate. (In marketing “circles,” we knows these are excellent numbers — especially for a first webinar.)

Their thought-leadership webinars opened the top of the sales funnel while building trust and brand awareness. The webinar sign-ups increased as people learned they could count on free, useful information without a sales pitch.

As their audience grew, sales began to rise, and they became trusted as an industry thought-leader. The series opened conversations with key decision-makers about how the HR company could help achieve their goals.

There is power in providing information that addresses the problems of prospective customers.

It’s one of those interesting paradoxes – you’ll often sell more, by not trying to sell.

Take Action On Your Business Growth

Eliminate Uncertainty By ​Drawing Customers In

The Complex Storyteller: An established insurance wholesaler wanted to use emails to reach his target audience.

He had multiple company websites that each told different stories. Clearly, the brand needed streamlining with a clarified message. Surveying customers and prospects to uncover their burning issues made writing customer-centric blogs and creating engaging downloadable content easy.

But how could he provide thought-leadership information for insurance brokers when his own company messaging and brand was unclear? This conflict opened the opportunity for me to develop succinct messaging using one website, and even build a new brand.

Today, his target audience knows exactly what he offers and why they should use his solutions. His email open-and click-through rates have grown from single digits to 19.4%-28.6%. We added back-end systems to connect his platform with the marketing CRM. The integration combined with clarified messaging, specific call-to-actions, and a growing library of blog posts and downloadable content now nurture and grow his list daily.

So which scenario describes your situation? Are you a hardcore seller or a thought-leader? Is the messaging around your company clear or do people wonder what you do?

Let's Position Your Brand As An Expert & Thought Leader

Our collaboration involves synthesizing your vision into clear messaging that results in a SMART plan to increase your visibility and position your company as a thought-leader.

My research and planning delivers a customized library of problem solving tips designed to connect your brand with your customers. Implementing my game plan helps generate leads so you can get a piece of that proverbial pie.

From short-term projects to long-term initiatives, I provide support to entrepreneurs and business owners that offer products and services to a variety of industries and target audiences.

Today’s virtual age finds me supporting clients nationwide using tools that bring us face-to-face with the click of a button. My consistent goal is connecting your customers with your services.

It all starts with a conversation to learn more about you, your brand, and vision.

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