$650.00 USD

Book Your 1-on-1 Spirit-Led Strategy Communications Planning Session.

WALK IN with an open heart and mind.

WALK OUT with a Spirit-Led Communications Strategy to connect with your audience ethically and authentically.

This CUSTOMIZED 1-on-1 session will give YOU the opportunity to:

  • COMPLETE a Pre-Meeting Questionnaire to provide Joy with background about your specific project.
  • RECEIVE Prayer as Joy sits with the Lord about each project and business BEFORE & AFTER your time together.
  • PARTICIPATE in an Individualized Q&A session to explore specific questions designed to dig deep and bring Abba Father's clarity to your project.
  • DISCUSS Specific Outcome & Process Goals to build, create, and do for your project.
  • DOWNLOAD & LISTEN  to the 90-Minute recording of the session.
  • RECEIVE an easy-to-follow written plan you can execute OR you can hire someone to do for you.
  • SCHEDULE your *30-minute Q&A after you receive & review your final plan.

GETTING INDIVIDUALIZED interaction and dialogue about your specific marketing project? Extremely PRODUCTIVE

PARTICIPATING in a PRIVATE session where it is easier to share challenges, problems, or concerns? Increased COMFORT & PERSONALIZATION

RECEIVING IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK with interactive dialogue focused on YOUR project and needs? Faster PROGRESS

WORKING with a Spirit-Led Communications Strategist? Incredibly BENEFICIAL

Total Value of Partnering with Holy Spirit in Your Marketing Communications? PRICELESS

COST: $650

Here's How Your 1-on-1 Spirit-Led Strategy Session Works.

1) Purchase Your Session. You'll receive a confirmation email with a link to your pre-meeting questionnaire, as well as an email to schedule our time together.

2) Prep For Our Call. Once you complete your pre-meeting questionnaire, I'll review it and start praying about our time together.

3) Participate In Our Session. Together, we'll take a deep dive into all the ideas and listen for God's direction.

4) Review Your Plan. Once I write your customized marketing communications plan, you can schedule a *30-minute follow-up session to ask additional questions. (Typically, you'll receive your written plan within 72 hours after your session.)

5) Finalize Your Plan. This step will find you executing the plan yourself or hiring someone to do it for you.

(*The 30-minute follow-up review is included in this offer.)

The Spirit-Led Strategy Session with Joy was very helpful. I came away with things I had yet to think about or consider. Since I'm high-level, the amount of detail that came from this session was invaluable.

HSP Accounting, Inc.

Joy's Spirit-Led Communications Planning dove deep below the surface and presented outcomes and processes I hadn't considered. The plan was a great springboard for getting things done.

PFP Fitness, Inc.

Joy's deep dive into our project planning with the Holy Spirit opened up possibilities and outcomes we had yet to consider, which was invaluable since marketing communications is not our thing.

The Family Collective, Inc.

Joy is on fire for the Lord, and her gifting as a communications strategist is evident in the Spirit-Led strategy she develops, creates, and does for her clients.

Windows of Heaven, Inc.