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I Write Product Launch Copy.

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Are You An Entrepreneur With Exciting Ideas & ​Products You Need to Launch?

I bet you’ve studied every module in Product Launch Formula to make sure you know how to deliver value while sparking a desire for your creation.

Deep down, you have a burning desire to reach your ideal customer.

Sharing the transformational value your products offer excites you.

Everyone knows you’re onto something big, especially when you discuss your vision and insights. ​

There's just one little secret...

Does Writing Product Launch Copy Make You Nervous?

You get a bit anxious about writing copy that “formalizes” your thoughts.

Maybe you’re not sure if you are using the right words in the proper sequence. Or you are focusing on your product, and don’t have time to write. Perhaps you can write well, but can't seem to “write to sell."

With your strong bravado, most people are unaware that translating your vision into actionable soundbites isn’t easy for you.

Nobody knows that writing copy makes your palms sweat.

Congratulations! You’ve hidden it well.

You know that your words must connect with prospects in meaningful ways to build your brand and sell your solutions. But quite frankly, you’d rather watch water boil.

If only you could find a way to move past this copywriting hurdle…

Help Me Write Words That Sell

Your Product Launch Needs An Experienced Writing Sherpa.

Stop stressing about crafting pre-prelaunch opt-ins, prelaunch email sequences, writing sideways sales letters, building squeeze pages, and creating a sales page.

Partner with an experienced copywriter—like me—that knows about PLF and how to capture your voice to tell your story.

Let me streamline your blogs, emails, and promotions, too.

Why Should You Trust Me?
Because My Clients Do.

I’ve been writing copy and producing marketing strategy for entrepreneurs and businesses for more than 20 years. 

I am a Ray Edwards International Certified Copywriter and have used Ray's million-dollar copywriting techniques and Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula since 2015.

To whet your appetite, please download my free list of "Words that Sell: 180 Power Words You Need to Use In Your Next Product Launch."

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Lighten Your Load By Working With Me.

I promise you'll see positive changes immediately after you connect with me.

Who am I? I’m a copywriter and marketer who shares my passion by creating content that ignites interest, solves problems and delights readers.

My friends and colleagues say I’m an excellent communicator and a driven professional who loves connecting with others.

In fact, my colleagues say that my enthusiasm and drive are contagious.

I’m known as a problem solver who loves challenges. In my personal life I’m known to be an avid scuba diver and underwater photographer.

So, if you can't trust a risk-taker who likes to dive with sharks--who can you trust?

Besides breathing underwater, my superhuman power is listening to others and translating their vision into actionable soundbites. Not only do I deliver—but I’m comfortable working alone and collaborating with others.

Here's what to do next: 

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Are You Going to Free Yourself ​from Copywriting Problems?

The Choice is Yours. Your Product Launch can have success or failure.

Similar to Morpheus in The Matrix, you can take the blue pill or the red pill.

In the case of your product launch:

  • If you take the “blue pill,” you’ll struggle writing the copy you need and run the risk of a failed launch. (The blue pill = failure.)
  • If you take the “red pill,” you can get strong copy and marketing that results in a great launch. (The red pill = success.) 

Remember: I’m offering to help you eliminate your problem by delivering great copywriting and marketing.

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