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Are You Tired of Playing the Fire, Aim, Ready Game?

As a visionary business leader, do ONE or MORE of these things sound familiar?

💢 You have SO MANY business ideas it is like THROWING DARTS in the market to see what will stick.

💢 Your constant DOING BEFORE PLANNING tends to CREATE CHAOS that makes it hard to experience success.

💢 You CONFUSE VISION with the DESIRE to EXECUTE QUICKLY, so your team chases after new ideas with CONTINUAL CHANGES.

💢 You MISS OPPORTUNITIES or MAKE ASSUMPTIONS because of not thinking and planning BEFORE doing.

💢 You undertake PLANNING in ISOLATION without input or experienced insights from others.

If you relate to any of these approaches, then NOW is time to end your frustration. 


What IF You Took Time To Plan BEFORE Doing? 

Let's face it, not every idea and project will create a home run or work out the way you desired.

But IF you TAKE THE TIME to think through the strategy and gain perspectives from a few other experts, you will: 

✅ BUILD your CONFIDENCE for getting things accomplished

✅ HONE IN on necessary aspects of your project


✅ REDUCE shiny object syndrome and squirrel distractions

✅ TURN mammoth UNDERTAKINGS into actionable soundbites

✅ BECOME PROACTIVE instead of reactive

✅ GET your PLAN ALIGNED and everyone on the same page


What IF You Invited Holy Spirit Into Your Planning?

Talk About A Game-Changer.

If you try to brainstorm alone or with your team... You could still MISS the mark.

But CONFERRING with The Creator of the Universe FIRST is GUARANTEED to take your marketing strategy and project planning to new heights and:

🔥 PROVIDE His insights and perspectives on your project

🔥 OPEN your heart and mind TO POSSIBILITIES as He REVEALS His best for your project and business

🔥 DELIVER CLARITY on who, what, and how

🔥 CONVEY solutions, collaborations, and conversations you need

🔥 CREATE FOCUS on necessary outcomes and processes

🔥 UNCOVER potential conflicts or roadblocks

🔥 ALIGN your project, marketing, business, and heart with your Creator

🔥 ELIMINATE hype, manipulation, or twisted realities

🔥 RESULT in an actionable game plan

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Let's Go On A Spiritual Intelligence Treasure Hunt.

Whatever ONE project you’re focused on, the RIGHT SUPPORT to unlock the possibilities and create a game plan is a worth its weight in gold.

Whether you are called to shine God’s light in the marketplace covertly (in stealth mode) or overtly (loudly and proudly), you still need His insights to help you deliver transformations in the marketplace.

When you’re ready to uncover God’s best for your business, this communications planning workshop is for you.

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What Others Say...

HSP Accounting, Inc.

The strategy session was very helpful. I came away with things I had yet to consider. The amount of detail was invaluable.

Windows of Heaven, Inc.

Joy is on fire for the Lord, and her gifting as a communications strategist is evident in the  strategy she develops and creates for her clients.

PFP Fitness, Inc.

Joy's Communications Planning dove deep below the surface and presented outcomes and processes I hadn't considered. The plan was a great springboard for getting things done.

The Family Collective, Inc.

Joy's deep dive into our project planning opened up possibilities and outcomes we had yet to consider, which was invaluable since marketing communications is not our thing.

Join The Next Communications Strategy Workshop: Dec. 9th @Noon ET

WALK IN with an open heart and mind. 

WALK OUT with a strategy that will give you a clear communications strategy to reach your audience and a list of outcome options from which to choose.

This 90-Minute Workshop allows every participant to:

  • LEARN the benefits for strategic planning the world's way vs. God's way.
  • HEAR God's heart about planning with Him. 
  • DISCOVER the POWER of benefits that sell vs. features that tell.
  • RECEIVE facilitated wisdom, guidance, and insights about your project.
  • DEFINE your project with specific marketing planning questions.
  • DIG DEEP with a guided Q&A session designed to bring His clarity to your specific project.
  • UNPACK steps to build, create, and do your project.
  • USE my Communications Strategy Framework and Guide.
  • DOWNLOAD & LISTEN to the 90-Minute recording.
  • CREATE an ALIGNED game plan for overt and covert Christ-followers.

Saturday, December 9th at Noon Eastern is the next workshop.

GAINING CLARITY Around Your Specific Marketing Project? Super HELPFUL

WORKING with a Spirit-Led Communications Strategist? Incredibly BENEFICIAL

PARTNERING with Holy Spirit in Your Marketing Communications Planning? PRICELESS

 Workshop Cost: ONLY $200

(In comparison, ONE-on-ONE Spirit-Led Planning Sessions start at $650.) 
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Here's How Your Planning Workshop Works.


You will RECEIVE a confirmation email with details for what's next and a link to the pre-workshop questionnaire


COMPLETE the pre-meeting questionnaire, so I understand your project and  can sit with the Lord about your project


EXAMINE God's planning framework, TILL THE SOIL for your project, SEEK HIS HEART for possibilities, & MAP out action steps


USE your Strategic Communications Plan to create, build, & do in alignment. Execute the plan or hire someone to do the work for you.

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