When You Seek God's Best For Your Business Projects, You'll Accomplish More Than You Ever Imagined.

Let's Create Your Spirit-Led Marketing Communications Plan.

Are You Tired of Pray & Spray Marketing?

Do you find yourself OVERWHELMED by all the options for marketing your business?

Does pray and spray marketing find you posting and promoting everywhere HOPING your message will MAGICALLY reach the right customers? 

Let’s face it, creating a marketing communications game plan to PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS is hard—especially when it is YOUR unique products, services, or messages.


You Need A Game Plan With A Fresh Perspective. 

What if you could get help organizing your thoughts and creating a clear direction for your business or projects? Would that be a game changer? Absolutely.

While many marketers will sell you project roadmapping, Spirit-led planning is an entirely different ballgame that brings GODLY WISDOM into your outcome and process goals.

Imagine what you will achieve when you invite the Lord AND a Spirit-led communications strategist in to help you brainstorm, plan, and create from the beginning.

What Project Do You Need To Accomplish?

There are endless marketing communications projects you need a strategic plan behind. Perhaps you need to:

  • Build brand awareness to position your brand as a thought leader. 
  • Outline and write an email nurture sequence.
  • Develop a product or service strategy.
  • Map out a content strategy for your blog, newsletter, or social media.
  • Promote a customer referral program to grow your pipeline.
  • Create a workshop, course, or (XYZ-specific service). 
  • Launch a course, book, coaching program, or (ABC-product offering).
  • Grow your email list and build rapport with your audience.
  • Market your podcast or speaking services to help you reach new audiences.
  • Capture testimonials and success stories to promote the transformation your services deliver.

Let's Go On A Spirit-Led Treasure Hunt Together.

Whatever ONE project you’re focused on, YOU NEED SUPPORT to unlock the possibilities and map out the outcome and process goals.

If you’re ready to uncover God’s best for your business, then this Spirit-led strategy session is for you.

Together, we will:

  • Go on a TREASURE HUNT to hear God’s voice,
  • MAP OUT WAYS to take a stand in the marketplace, and
  • Do it IN ALIGNMENT with the One who created it all.
Let's Create Your Spirit-Led Marketing Communications Plan.

Book Your Spirit-Led Marketing Communications Strategy Session.

WALK IN with an open heart and mind. 

WALK OUT with a Spirit-led Strategy that will give you a clear communications strategy to reach your audience and a list of outcome options from which to choose.

This ala carte session includes:

  • Pre-Meeting Questionnaire.
  • Prayer over your business, project, and goals.
  • Specific questions for YOU about your project.
  • Specific questions for God about HIS Perspective on your project.
  • 60-Minute recorded session.
  • Robust outcome and process goals. 
  • An easy-to-follow written plan you can execute OR you can hire someone (like me) to do for you.
  • Q&A after you receive & review your final plan.

Total Value: $750

Your Cost: $350

(NOTE: Every 3-Month Done-FOR-You Engagement already includes a Spirit-Led Strategy Session.)
Book Your Spirit-Led Strategy Session.

Here's How Your Spirit-Led Strategy Session Works.

Purchase Your Session.

You will then receive a confirmation email with details for what's next and a link to the pre-meeting questionnaire. You'll also receive a personal email from me to schedule a mutual time that works for our Spirit-Led Strategy Session.

Prep For Our Call.

To help us both use our time together wisely, you'll fill out the pre-meeting questionnaire so I have insights about your business, project, and goal. Once you complete it, I'll spend time reviewing it and sitting with the Lord about your project

Participate In Our Session.

We will go on a treasure hunt that seeks the Lord's heart about your project. We will brainstorm ideas, discuss ALL the possibilities, and explore answers to any questions. The session will be recorded so no idea is lost.

Finalize Your Plan.

I'll write your Spirit-Led Strategic Marketing Communications Plan customized to your specific project. After you review it and ask any questions, you can execute the plan yourself or hire someone (like me) to do the work for you.

Book Your Spirit-Led Strategy Session.

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