Practicing What I Teach & Create for Over 30 Years

Technically, I've been a communications strategist for over 30 years. But I haven't always practiced taking a stand in the marketplace like I do today. Sadly, I was more of a "yes, girl" most of my time working in corporate and for PR agencies.

Over 10 years ago, the WAY I helped clients SHIFTED as I started using marketing communications best practices WITHOUT hype or manipulation

Fast forward to today: I have created a framework called Joyful Copy, which filters marketing communications through Galatians 5:22-23 & Phil. 4:8 to make it easy to spot any subtle twisted realities.

Joyful Copy: How to Show Up in the Marketplace Ethically and Authentically is also the name of my first book. And my (new) Joyful Communications Podcast builds on those concepts, too. I'm also honored to be a co-host for the KDE Live Podcast.

If you're interested in reading my bio, scroll further down this page. But first, let's talk about YOU!


How Can I Help You & Your Business?

I help entrepreneurs, small-to-medium-sized businesses, and business leaders—like YOUby using values-based communications strategies and relationship-building content to connect with customers. 

In everything I create and teach, I help my clients stand out by disrupting the norm found in today's noisy world. (Good News! Your business doesn't have to look like everyone else. In fact, it shouldn't.)

Some of my clients follow their own moral compass without a defined belief system, I know they respect the stand I take in the marketplace. I also love serving purpose-driven leaders, small-to-medium-sized businesses, & Kingdom-Minded entrepreneurs

Every client project I'm involved with is customized to meet specific goals by providing ongoing support OR one-time projects for:

✍️ Strategic planning sessions
🖥️ Website audits
📝 Website strategy & copywriting
📨 Email campaigns, promotions, & nurture sequences
 📖 Course & webinar development
🚀 Product & book launches
📰 Ghostwriting, blogs, articles, case studies, & more

I also offer professional courses about marketing, copywriting, content marketing, & ways to live life & run a business as a Kingdom entrepreneur.

Every project starts with a conversation. Click the button below to chat about your needs.

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How You Benefit from Working With a Word Nerd 

As a life-long student, I continue to learn, review, and apply best practices FOR and WITH my clients. Some of the techniques I use come from studying copywriting masters like John E. Powers, Joe Sugarman, Eugene Schwartz, David Ogilvy, John Carlton, and many others.

But my BIGGEST writing influence comes from the principles in The Ultimate How-To Guide. (Yes, you read that correctly. Biblical principles have a LOT to say about creating, writing, and doing business authentically and clearly.) 

Let's Discuss Your Needs

Are you a purpose-driven business leader, ethical entrepreneur, or Christian business owner who:

  • Desires joyful communications that energizes and connects with your ideal customers?
  • Needs to build your brand, launch new products, or engage your audience?
  • Wants to share how your offerings solve your customers' problems while offering them transformational opportunities?

EVERYTHING STARTS WITH A CONVERSATION, so let's talk about your needs.

MY PROMISE: If we're not the right fit, I'll try to point you to someone else to help you reach your goals.

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Thank you for your interest in possibly collaborating. I welcome the opportunity to help you reach your audience authentically.

Committed to Serving Others,


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What Makes Joy Different

In my free time, you'll find me playing "underwater tourist" looking for photo opportunities as I explore the depths of the ocean.

When I'm on land, I wear many hats including communications strategist, content creator, copywriter, coach, author, podcaster, speaker, teacher, and encourager. I'm a disruptor who loves helping others take a stand while standing out in the marketplace.

Over the past 30 years, I have worked with many small businesses, startups, and personal brands. Some have gone public, while others have quietly done well in their niche.

I've also supported notable brands such as Marvel Comics Creator Stan Lee, Compaq Computer Corp., and Enron. Along my journey, I've also worked for thought leaders like The John Maxwell Team, Michael Hyatt & Co., Ray Edwards, and Mike Kim and niche brands you may never encounter.

​As a seasoned expert, I do not profess to know it all. But I possess a good deal of practical know-how, seasoned experience, and wisdom-based insights.

While I possess many certifications, the most important one is my Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Certified Service Provider Certification(Translation: I partner with God in business.)

Rest assured, I deliver on my promises and strive to exceed my clients' expectations. ​

Bottom line: I enjoy creating campaigns for businesses that increase visibility, augment sales, expand brand awareness, grow lists, & engender customer loyalty. ​

As a Christ-following entrepreneur, I’m unique because my faith takes center stage in all I do—whether my clients believe the same way or not. 

Let's chat about ways to connect with your customers ethically and authentically.

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