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Using Joyful Copywriting & Values-Based Business Coaching to Help Service-Based Entrepreneurs

Connect with Customers Authentically—Done FOR or WITH You 
Let's Discuss Your Needs

Do your words address your ideal customers' problems?

Work with me to:

  • Write clear messaging that draws your ideal customer to you
  • Address needs while building rapport with potential customers.
  • Deliver non-manipulative copy, and value-added content that makes you memorable.
  • Create easy-to-follow systems and repeatable processes.
  • Establish your credibility as a thought-leader and expert.
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Are you copying others or showing you how you're different? 

Stop lining the pockets of gurus who want to sell you their blueprints to reach your business goals and financial dreams.

The secret involves:

  • Translating your specific vision into your individual roadmap
  • Showing you understand what keeps your customers up at night
  • Telling why your solutions address their needs

Tap into my expertise and let's collaborate on your entrepreneurial business.

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"Writing compelling marketing and sales copy is a core discipline for every business owner to learn, but getting training on how to write in an authentic way that is aligned with your values is essential. Joy Capps is a resource you can trust to help you do just that!"

Shae Bynes

"Joy has the unique ability to take a high-level concept, map out a game plan, and turn it actionable soundbites. With just a few conversations, she created outlines and email campaigns that delivered exactly what I needed. Hire Joy when you want professional results."

Mike Kim

"Working with Joy has been nothing short of a miracle; especially when it came to getting my message across in a meaningful way. She has been and continues to be a blessing to my business."

Freeman J. Burns

"If you need someone to make your business sound and look good, then you need to work with Joy Capps. She is a rare find these days because she follows-through in a timely manner and partners with us to accomplish our goals."

Joshua McNabb
Signature Scents

"From marketing strategy to copywriting — Joy has a knack for providing exactly what you need for marketing communications support. It is well worth your time to talk to her about she can apply her consulting skills to help build your brand and reach your customers."

David Bell
CEO & Chairman, Syndicated Services

"Before I planned my first online course, I knew I needed help. Joy has exceeded my expectations with planning, copywriting, and marketing. She organizes everything, creates brand awareness, and makes sure the entire team is aligned and on schedule. Joy is amazing at translating my vision into words that sell."

Adele Sypesteyn

"Joy’s a fantastic copywriter, does what she says she will do, and does it when she promises. There are very, very few copywriters or marketing consultants I recommend without reservation. Joy Capps is one of those few."

Ray Edwards

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