The Impact of Random Acts of Appreciation

If you’re anything like me, you feel an internal drive to help others succeed and reach their goals.⁣

You probably spend hours pouring over the right way to position something as you write copy for their products and services.⁣

You might also create strategies and roadmaps to help those you support take their visions to new heights.⁣

You realize that others don’t understand why you’re motivated to help them be successful. (And that is okay.)⁣

Frankly, it is something deep in your spirit that you sometimes struggle to explain to yourself.⁣

You just know that God has gifted you with specific skills you are compelled to use for the good of other entrepreneurs and business owners.⁣

In my case, I am passionate about using copywriting, marketing, and business coaching to help others take their visions to new depths.⁣

(As a scuba diver, I have to say new depths instead of new heights because... well, it only makes sense that way.;-)⁣

Sometimes you work so hard that you wonder if anyone even notices.⁣

Some days you find yourself mentally drained and exhausted from pouring so much of yourself into the businesses of others.⁣

And then you get that random and unexpected email, note, or gift from someone telling you how much they appreciate you. Or maybe another entrepreneur gives you an unexpected shout out to recognize you. ⁣

Every time someone takes a moment to recognize what I do for them with a word of encouragement or a note of appreciation - I cherish it.⁣

Translation: ⁣
*Stay the course and do what you feel in your spirit you must do. ⁣
*Serve others to the best of your ability. ⁣
*And take time to encourage others whenever you have a moment to do so. ⁣