Do you want to take a stand in today's marketplace? Let Joyful Copy will show you how.

Most entrepreneurs and business owners want to connect with customers authentically but aren't sure how to DETERMINE, DELIVER, & DISTILL copy without subtly twisting reality.

Joyful Copy does that and more by examining copywriting best practices with a Kingdom lens and offering practical frameworks for writing copy that aligns with God's Word.
Joyful Copy, the book
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Why Joyful Copy Started

After decades of “doing whatever it takes” to please clients while keeping her values compartmentalized and hidden from view, Joy knew there had to be a better way to show up in the marketplace.

A deep desire to put God first in everything helped Joy learn how to use marketing and communications best practices in tandem with the Ultimate How-To Guide (aka God’s Word).

As the joyful copy concept came to life, it became clear that this framework would help anyone who:

  • Feels uncomfortable using subtle hype and manipulation
  • Wants to balance what the world teaches and Biblical principles
  • Struggles knowing what their customers want or need
  • Freezes when it comes to writing or taking a stand for what is right
  • Wrestles with imposter syndrome or feeling “good enough”
  • (Insert copywriting and marketing challenges here)

While Joy wrote this book to help entrepreneurs and small business owners–like you–anyone who reads this book will walk away with a fresh perspective on how to live everyday life, conduct business, and write marketing copy in partnership with our living, loving God.

If you've wondered...

Is It Possible to Sell Products and Services Without Hype?

The short answer is YES. But, like many, you may find knowing what to write overwhelming and challenging, especially if writing marketing copy isn't your strong suit.

So, following the mantra, "if everyone is doing it, then it must be alright," makes copying the success tactics of others okay. Right?! No, not really.

[PRO TIP] When you copy others by buying into their pie-in-the-sky blueprints, you:

  • Follow plans that weren't written for you or your business in the first place.
  • Fall into the slippery slope of deception without realizing it.
  • Feel defeated when your efforts don't generate promised results.
  • Miss the opportunity to pursue the plan created just for YOU by your Creator.
  • Risk weaving in subtle manipulation that twists the truth to get people to take action and make sales.

What Joyful Copy Readers Say...

Shae Bynes

Founder of The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur

"Joyful Copy is a copywriting masterclass in book form that offers theory and rich principles, and provides illustrations, examples, and guidance for practical application. It does not disregard industry wisdom and human psychology but provides a biblical framework and approach."


Kelly Baader

Founder, Influential Entrepreneurs, LLC

"It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or already quite far down the path with your business, this book will get you to reevaluate what you know about copywriting and how you can align yourself and your copy to Godly principles. Joyful Copy is an engaging book that I highly recommend."

LaTara Venise

CEO, The Color Your Soul Company

"For years I have struggled with creating copy that spoke the message I wanted to convey. My struggle was, the way people were telling me to write copy did not sit well with my soul. Joy has taken the art of copywriting and provided the reader with a fresh brush for creating words of integrity and truth, with a Kingdom canvas."

Make Your Copy Joyful

Start Showing Up in the Marketplace Ethically and Authentically

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If most "success blueprints" blur the lines, then...

How Can You Achieve Success Ethically and Authentically?

GOOD NEWS! You already have access to the tools you need to write about your business. You just need to know where to look and how to apply the resources in your possession. 

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What If You Could Access Transformational Techniques To Positively Change Your Writing, Business, and Even Your Life?

Joyful Copy will give you information "you can't live without" by taking the words you use to new heights.

That may sound like an infomercial, but the tried and true centuries-old process Joyful Copy unlocks will teach you how to stand out and connect with customers authentically. And, once you're "ALL IN," you, too, will say:

  • Bye-bye, hype and manipulation.
  • Farewell, worldly ideals and goals.
  • Adios, personal gain and self-focus.
  • Sayonara, bait-and-switch tactics.
  • Arrivederci to doing anything not aligned with the Bible.

Wouldn't It Be Wonderful To Access Frameworks That Integrate Godly Principles With Copywriting Techniques?

Now, you can! Joyful Copy is a framework that will help you do that and more because it teaches you to apply basic marketing and copywriting techniques while mirroring Christ-like characteristics. 

What Joyful Copy Readers Say...

Althea McIntyre

Founder & CEO of Althea McIntyre International

"Joyful Copy is a breath of fresh air for Christ-centered Entrepreneurs who want to effectively connect with customers without the hype and manipulation! Joy challenges the reader to posture their heart and mind to God’s will while encouraging the reader to partner with God in their business and write with Holy Spirit."

Brandon J. Galici, CFP®, CRPF®

Founder / Financial Advisor

"If you are a Christ-following entrepreneur who wants to learn how to write copy that is both aligned with the Bible and calls the right customers to action, then Joyful Copy is a must read! It’s as if you’re chatting and learning from her over a cup of coffee at your favorite shop!"

Golda Ross, M.Div., BCC

Board Certified Chaplain

"Following ethical practices derived from arguably the most successful book ever published, Joyful Copy builds a message that sells with a focus on integrity. This thorough and thoughtful handbook is for anyone seeking to build their brand while communicating effectively with a solid foundation of truth."

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