Successful Email Marketing Happens When You Focus on Relationship Building.

Let's Discuss Your Email Campaign Needs.

Does Figuring Out WHAT to Write Wear You Out?

Knowing WHAT TO SHARE so your prospective customer thinks of YOU when they are ready to buy isn’t always easy.

Whether you’re trying to:

  • Nurture relationships,
  • Position your brand as a thought leader, or
  • Offer a specific product or service

writing engaging emails that people want to read MIGHT NOT BE YOUR JAM.

And that's okay because we all need to work to our strengths.

Are You Tired of Spinning Your Wheels?

It is ironic that one of the best ways to build engagement and get the most sales for every marketing dollar is EMAIL MARKETING, yet 60% of small business owners don't use email marketing.

Surveys and conversations with business leaders uncover that many feel: 

  • Email campaigns take too much time to create
  • Producing value-added content regularly is challenging
  • Most emails end up in spam filters or get lost in the shuffle
  • Many emails never gets read (because they are too copy dense)
  • Creating emails feels like a never-ending game of spinning your wheels
  • Writing emails to engage your audience or build customer rapport is hard
  •  Email marketing is only for selling 
  • Growing email lists are one of your biggest challenges

If you believe any of these things, you and your business are missing out on some great opportunities to connect with your customers.

Let's Discuss Your Email Marketing Needs.

What Email Campaigns Does Your Business Need?

The types of email campaigns are endless and might include a:

  • "Welcome to my tribe" series
  • "Thanks for buying" series
  • "How-To" series
  • "Rapport-building" series
  • "Product or book launch" series
  • "Course or workshop follow-up" series
  • "Membership program" series
  • (Insert Your Custom Project) series

For EVERY GOAL, you need emails that will engage, encourage, and equip your followers in the area of your expertise.

You also need SPECIFIC CALLS TO ACTION that will tell them what you want them to do at just the right time.

It just so happens that writing email campaigns is one of my sweet spots. 

Tap Into Joy's Email Writing Expertise.

Are You Ready To Leverage  The Benefits of Email Marketing?

With a report from McKinsey showing email marketing being 40x more effective than social media for customer acquisition, it only makes sense to find ways to ADD EMAILS TO YOUR COMMUNICATIONS TOOLBOX.

Did you know that people check their email on a daily basis, over a dozen times a day? For example:

  • 34% check email while walking
  • 69% check email while watching TV
  • 43% check email while they are "indisposed"
  • 32% check email while commuting

E-consultancy's research found the RETURN ON INVESTMENT for email marketing is a staggering 73 percent!

With statistics like these, it only makes sense to add email marketing to your communications strategy.

Let's Discuss Your Email Campaign Needs.

Let Me Write Your Email Campaigns.

Since writing AUTHENTIC emails is a skill that combines RESEARCH, PLANNING, BEST PRACTICES with THE ULTIMATE HOW-TO GUIDE—you need a Spirit-Led Communications Strategist with the know-how for creating compelling copy that connects and will convert customers.

Every campaign is unique and customized to meet your needs. Prices typically start at $1,000 per campaign.

But know that I listen to your needs and pray over every project BEFORE putting a price tag on it.

Get Email Campaign Writing Support.

Here's How À La Carte Email Support Works.

Schedule A Call.

You will then receive a confirmation email with details for what's next and a link to the email support questionnaire. You'll also receive a personal email from me to schedule a mutual time that works to discuss your specific email campaign needs.

Prep For Our Call.

To help use our time together wisely, you'll fill out the email support questionnaire detailing your email needs. Once you complete it, I'll spend time reviewing it and getting the Lord's perspective on your project BEFORE we meet.

Discuss Your Needs.

We will discuss your goals, audience, calls to action, and any existing content and services to leverage. A customized proposal/agreement will be sent for your signature. Once payment is received, I will outline and write your emails.

Receive, Review, & Send.

I'll write your a' la carte email campaign outline and emails with multiple email subject lines that focus on ONE specific goal, ONE call to action, and ONE closing PS. You will get to review the emails, ask any questions, and send them to your audience.  

Let's Discuss Your Email Writing Support Needs.

Have Questions You'd Like to Discuss?

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