Episode 1: Copywriting & Communications Strategy: What Is It and Why Should You Care?

Season #1

Have you ever desired a way to marketing copy that aligns with your values and doesn't make you feel like a used car salesman?

Good news because there IS a way to do just that by using a resource you probably already have at your fingertips.

In this first episode, listen as I share five points about the concepts of copywriting and communication strategy in less than 14 minutes. You'll walk away with insights about:

  • CopyWRITING versus copyRIGHTING
  • The definition of copy
  • Ways copy is used today
  • A better way to do things
  • The Ultimate How-To Guide

You'll also hear examples of how Jesus modeled certain copywriting and communication strategies in his interactions when He was here on earth.

Here are three key points an early listener, Madelyn Garner, shared that she loved:
At 7:42: We are created in God’s image, so we already have the capability in us to use words that showcase God’s attributes.

At 8:47: We are called to emulate Jesus in our lives and our work.

At 9:48: Jesus sold the benefits of worshiping him, understanding our problems, offering to consider a personal relationship with him, and persuades us on what life can be like when we partner with him.

Recommended Resources:

  • Joyful Copy: How to Show Up in the Marketplace Ethically and Authentically - Available at Amazon and other online retailers
  • The Ultimate How-To Guide - You can download a FREE Bible app via YouVersion. You can also access an online version via Bible.com.