Episode 2: How Your Mind Impacts Business Decisions

Season #1

Did you know that what you focus on equals your results?

In fact, your mind has the power to impact EVERYTHING you do, including the marketing communications strategy and copy you write.

In this second episode, let’s discuss five points to unpack:

  • Why Your Focus Is Important
  • Why Your Focus = Your Results
  • How Your Focus Can Derail You
  • How to Focus On The Right Things
  • How To Choose Wisely

Key points we’ll examine include:

  • What happens in corporate America, entrepreneurial “gurus,” and well-meaning individuals who cross the line “just a little bit”
  • Personal real-life examples of how what we focus on can derail us
  • What happens when we choose manipulative techniques and hidden agendas vs. sound wisdom and discernment
  • Keys for making wise choices in how we communicate in your marketing and the marketplace

Together, we will discuss:

02:58   How Our Focus Impacts Our Beliefs and Attitudes

05:17   The Power of Mindset and Focus in Business and Marketing

08:45   Reflection on the Dangers of Power and Position in Business

15:27   The Benefits of Balancing Work and Faith

17:18   How to Focus on God's Best for Your Business

21:12   The Benefits of Applying Biblical Principles to Your Marketing Communications Strategy

0:23:01   Episode 2: Joyful Copy - What It Is and How to Use It

Recommended Resources:

  •  Joyful Copy: How to Show Up in the Marketplace Ethically and Authentically - Available at Amazon and other online retailers
  •  The Ultimate How-To Guide - You can download a FREE Bible app via YouVersion. You can also access an online version via Bible.com.