Episode 3: The Power of Emotions To Motivate Action

Season #1

Did you know that most people buy things—whether they need them or not — for emotional reasons?

In Sept 2022, Gallup found that 70% of decisions are based on emotions while only 30% are based on rationale.

Yet Nobel Prize winner and psychologist Daniel Kahneman showed studies that found 90% of decisions are based on emotion and only 10% are based on logic.

No matter what statistic you embrace, they all mean that the heart has more pull and influence over what we do than our head knowledge.

In turn, most sales and customer-related conversations typically focus on emotions to persuade the person they are talking to take a specific action, such as becoming a customer.

In this third episode, let’s dive into five points to uncover:

  • Why emotions are so powerful
  • How emotions are used by others
  • How and why God created our emotions
  • What God’s Word says about dealing with emotions
  • Ways to use emotions to market your business without hype and manipulation

Key points we’ll examine include:

  • How the SAME emotions can trigger DIFFERENT feelings and behavior in people.
  • How emotions SHAPE our thinking, and impact every judgment, decision, and choice we make.
  • Real-life examples of how some use emotions to puppeteer people in subtle and sneaky ways
  • How emotions were intended to be GAUGES, not guides.
  • The key to letting our emotions be more reliable and stable.
  • Ways to manage our emotions personally and to connect with customers

Together, we’ll look at:

03:05  The Power of Emotions in Buying Decisions

05:14   The Power of Emotional Marketing and Manipulation

11:03   How God Created Our Emotions and How to Use Them Wisely"

16:05   Using Emotions to Connect with Customers: A Biblical Perspective

18:26   Three Steps for Using Emotional Marketing Without Hype and Manipulation

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