Episode 5: Is It Possible to Motivate Action with Love Instead of Fear?

Season #1

Someone once said, “Love doesn’t make the world go round; it makes the ride worthwhile.”

While that sentiment sounds plausible, especially these days—love can do so much more because it is a core emotion we ALL possess.

In the previous episode, we looked at fear as a fundamental and primary emotion used today to get people to do things, especially in marketing communications.

But love will reap more dividends in the long run, and it is the foundation for everything done or created by Christ-following business leaders. 

In this fifth episode, we will examine:

  • Why love is so powerful
  • How some use love to market
  • What God’s Word says about love
  • Ways you can use love in your marketing communications

Specific points we will address include:

  • 01:58 How love is more powerful than fear because it can penetrate anxieties
  • 08:20 Emotional triggers that evoke feelings for a brand
  • 11:42 Stats that show how customers spend more money on brands they love
  • 15:35 Why it is important to use love as a verb – in life and in business
  • 16:10 Specific steps you can take to integrate love into your marketing communications

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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