Episode 6: The Power of Marketing with Joy

Season #1

Joy is something most people seek, but only find for fleeting moments.

Sadly, many only find momentary bursts of happiness and they equate that to joy.

Russell Nelson once shared that “The joy we feel has little to do with our circumstances and everything to do with the focus of our lives."

And he is right because true joy happens in good and bad circumstances.

Similarly, there is power in marketing with joy. And that is what this episode will explore.

In this sixth episode, we will examine:

  • Why joy is more powerful than happiness
  • How some use joy in marketing
  • What God’s Word says about joy
  • Ways you can use joy in your marketing communications

Specific points we’ll explore include:

  • 01:37 How joy is more powerful than happiness
  • 03:14 Examples of companies using joy in marketing
  • 11:16 What God’s Word says about joy
  • 14:18 How you can practice joy in marketing using the JOY framework
  • 17:17 Embracing Christian values as a differentiator in marketing
  • 20:20 Intentional ways to look for and show joy

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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