Episode 7: Is Peace Plausible in Marketing?

Season #1

 Have you noticed how chaos and agitation have taken center stage these days? Why? Because stirring the pot is a subtle and easy way to get people to do things.

As a Christian business leader, that approach probably makes you uncomfortable and finds you longing for a better way.

Good news! You have access to a Spirit of peace that can help your business:

  • Build stronger relationships with prospects and customers
  • Create an atmosphere of trust and authenticity
  • Stand out and look different

And it can be used effectively in your business and marketing communications without agitating anyone.

In this seventh episode, we’ll examine:

  • The power of peace
  • How some have used peace as a strategy
  • What The Ultimate How-To Guide says about peace
  • Seven ways you can use peace in your business communications


Specific points we explore include:

05:00 The importance of peace

09:58 Real-world examples of businesses using peace

15:03 How to showcase the peaceful attributes of your solutions

16:01 The problem-solution approach with peaceful resolution

16:44 Helping your customers sleep well at night

17:54 Peaceful urgency without high-pressure sales

20:09 Offering peace in chaos

20:54 Bring sanity to your business

21:50 The power of empathy understanding


Key takeaways and quotes include:

"When you're in peace, when you choose to live from a place of faith, not a place of fear, and THAT is a position of power.” ~Joel Osteen

“Peace has the power to help individuals and businesses handle day-to-day affairs more efficiently, confidently, and stress-free.” ~Joy Capps

“Peace is powerful because it helps bring security and tranquility while avoiding anxiety and chaos.” ~Joy Capps

The key for Christian business leaders is to remember God instructs us to seek peace in everything. (See Psalm 34:14Matthew 5:9Romans 14:19, and Romans 12:18)


Bring Peace Into Your Plans

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