Episode 8: Hurry Up & Wait... 12 Unique Ways to Market with Patience

Season #1

We live in a world of immediacy because our minds have been conditioned to want EVERYTHING:

⏱ faster

⏱ cheaper

⏱ immediately

⏱ NOW!

If everyone is demanding and everything is urgent — does that make it okay for us to show up in business(and life) that way, too?

What about our marketing communications? Is it considered "okay" to employ the common, pushy tactics to get people to make decisions fast?

I contend that there is great value in integrating patience in business and marketing communications, especially for the Christ-following business leader.

Napoleon Hill once said, 

"Patience, persistence, and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success."

With those things in mind, episode 8 unpacks ways that patience can set you apart from your competitors while leading to long-term success.


Listen in as we examine:

01:37 Why patience is so difficult to embrace

05:03 The value of patience in business and marketing communications

11:05 God's perspective on patience and its connection to self-control

15:03 12 notable tips for marketing with patience


Key Takeaways and Quotes include:

Patience is a skill that needs to be developed and practiced.

Patience in marketing involves personalization, perspective, and prayer.

"Patience requires us to accept a moment of uncertainty and show compassion to others." - Joy Capps

"Patience in marketing requires consistent communication and addressing potential concerns." - Joy Capps

"Patience is an active virtue that involves waiting on God and enduring trials." - Joy Capps

"Create authentic relationships with your prospects and customers by offering valuable insights without expecting anything in return." - Joy Capps


Cited Resources Include:

Thomas Smith's "Effective Frequency" strategy from 1885

Psalm 37:7Hebrews 12:1cJames 1:3-4

Grace Over Grind, How Grace Will Take Your Business Where Grinding Can't by Shae Bynes

Our Unfair Advantage, Unleash The Power of the Holy Spirit in Your Business by Dr. Jim Harris

Joyful Copy, How to Show Up in the Marketplace Ethically and Authentically by Joy Capps


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