Is AI Your Source or Resource?

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When it comes to marketing and copywriting, the release of ChatGPT and other tools has created an AI-hype frenzy.

(You've seen it happening, too, right?!)

The wide array of shiny new tools for creating marketing content tout themselves as efficient time-savers. (And who doesn't want to save time.)

The draw to AI tools (which is just the latest fad) is similar to:

🍩 🧁 A dieter who swears off sugar,

🥃 🍷 An alcoholic who avoids taking a drink, or

🛍️ 💸The shopaholic who resists sales...

What no one talks about is how some business leaders and marketers who use AI to create content are experiencing an internal battle of:

👌 😎 easy-button that subtly starts to rely on AI as a SOURCE vs.

🧭 🔥 being moral-compass driven to partner with THE Ultimate SOURCE while using AI as a RESOURCE.

While there is nothing wrong with using AI tools to save time, generate ideas, or conduct research--doing so can create a slippery slope that makes it easy to start thinking of AI as your primary source for creating and doing.


If you're a Christ-follower with a business, examine HOW you're using AI to support your marketing communications.

While you're at it, go ahead and examine the way you use ALL the resources for your business.

Have you let any one tool become the "end all be all" that you rely on for creating and doing?

Do you find that you've been sucked into the AI-hype frenzy and are following the crowd?

If you find that you're more focused on the RESOURCES (tools) than THE Source of everything, it is probably time to make intentional changes.

Start by flipping YOUR script so your focus is on THE One who created everything.

This shift isn't a new idea as seen in in this verse:

Set your mind on things above, not on things of this earth. (Paraphrase Colossians 3:2)

Are you ready to accept this challenge? What do you think about it? Send me a note with your thoughts. I'd love to hear them.