Who's the Hero in Your Business?

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Did you know that Veterans Day has been an official holiday to celebrate those who stepped up to defend the United States since 1938?

Finding ways to honor our living heroes happens on this day around the country.

Every military person trains for a particular role to protect our country by doing jobs that many of us would rather avoid doing.

For example, my husband, Robert, chose to live in the tight quarters of a submarine for many years. So he could operate and maintain nuclear reactors aboard Naval submarines, he graduated from Navy Nuclear School.

With more than 18 million veterans in the U.S., it is hard not to recognize the courage of veterans and those who have gone before them. They are true heroes.

If you're one of the 12 other countries that celebrate military veterans in similar ways, you share this appreciation.

Without the heroism of armed forces, the opportunity to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams might not have been an option.

Who’s the Hero in Your Business Communications?

So how does heroism apply to your business and customers?

It all boils down to how you try to connect with your audience.

When you write about the products and services you offer, do you shine the spotlight on your business or your customers?

When someone visits your website—do they:

  • Read about your awesome products and services? OR
  • Learn how you will fix their problem?

If you want to connect with your customers, you need to shine the spotlight on the right thing:

1) Stop focusing on you and make your customers the hero.

2) Research and write about your customers' pain points and problems.

3) Crank up the volume on those issues, so they know you understand.

Once you have their attention, you’ll be in a better position to share how you will help them.

4) Show them how you will help fix their problems.

Do You Understand Your Customers? Really?

Most of my initial conversations with other entrepreneurs have similar questions with similar responses:

Me: Have you created your ideal customer profile?

Them: I know all about what they want and need.

Me: So, you've conducted research to understand the problems and pain points of your ideal customers?

Them: You know, I’ve been doing this long enough that I already have a good understanding.

Me: How do the words on your website speak to their problems and issues? Or does your copy only focus on the features of your offerings?

This dialogue might go on for some time until the entrepreneur starts to realize that clarity about their ideal customer will only come from collecting facts.

Why? Because basing what you share on assumptions will only take you so far. And your assumptions might not be correct.

There are many ways to understand what keeps your customer up at night—from one-on-one conversations to emails, surveys, research, and listening.

If you take the time to gain a deeper understanding of your audience—you are guaranteed to find ways to make your customer the hero who needs what you offer to solve his or her problems.

Once you’re armed with these insights, use them to write out your ideal customer profile. Then write messaging that will connect you with your customers.

Let me challenge you to make your customers the hero in your business by digging into some research. You'll be amazed at what you discover.

If you know a veteran, find ways to show them your appreciation; even a simple 'thank you for your service' will go a long way.

Not sure how to research or write in a way that connects with your ideal customer? Send me an email to book a discovery call with me today.