The Secrets for Connecting with Customers & Prospects

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You’ve invested a lot of time creating solutions to make life easier for your ideal customers.

You already have customers using your solutions, but you want to grow your business and capture your fair share of the market.

Unfortunately, you're having a hard time connecting with customers.

It shouldn’t be that hard to have a conversation with others about your offer. Should it?

If People Zone Out, Then You're Not Connecting

Every interaction you find yourself talking to prospects about the awesome products you’ve created and all the time your people will people.

But, you’ve discovered that sharing all the wonderful features and benefits gets you nowhere fast. 

For some reason, people seem to go into the twilight zone with a glazed look in their eyes.

Or if they are on the phone, you can tell that they stop listening to what you have to say.

Your pre-canned talk scripts and presentations are missing a few core elements to make you successful.

Let’s review some essential truths that will help turn things around.

Four Essential Truths You Must Know 

  • Essential Truth #1: It isn’t about you. It is about them—your prospective customers. While it sounds counterintuitive, your conversations shouldn’t focus on selling products to others.


  • Essential Truth #2: Your customers are interested in finding solutions that solve their problems. But, they won’t be interested in what you’re selling until your prospect has a desire to solve their problems.


  • Essential Truth #3: You need to engage your customers in conversations that allow them to discuss their business challenges. Sharing a list of memorized talking points does not allow dialogue and turns people off.


  • Essential Truth #4: You need to define your customers’ pain points so you can provide answers to their burning questions. When you know what keeps your customer up at night, you can easily guide conversations towards the solutions you offer.

Focus On Their Problems to Build Relationships

If you reflect back to the beginning of your company, you may recall that identifying your customers’ pain points helped create the products you offer in the first place. 

These same issues can help you market and sell.

Understanding what annoys, frustrates or hinders your customer gives you psychological ammunition that you can use to build your brand, create trust, and form relationships. 

Once you are armed with this knowledge, you can start conversations that creatively focus on your customers’ problems.

Since people like to talk about themselves, your conversation should create lots of dialogue.

By shining the spotlight on your prospects concerns, you’re creating a bridge that eventually leads to the solutions you provide.

But it doesn’t happen overnight. This form of relationship marketing takes time to build - just like a friendship.

Think about the friends you trust. You connect with them because they get you. They understand what you struggle with and why. 

They empathize with you, and sometimes they even show you ways to do things that can ease your pain.

Now that you know the secret to connecting with customers and prospects, how can you do your homework to uncover these issues?

Three Tips for Uncovering Your Customers' Issues

Let's look at three tips to uncover the problems that keep your customers up at night:

  • Ask. As we mentioned previously, everyone likes to talk about themselves. Use that fact to your advantage. Ask customers and prospects alike to tell you about the problems they need solved.


  • Survey. Create a survey that asks targeted questions about the pain points they are experiencing. Send the questionnaire by email to your prospect and customer lists. Keep it short (no more than ten items) and offer an incentive or thank you for participating.


  • Research. Use online resources like Google or other search engines to learn what your customers need. Look for FAQs related to your industry or solution. Use keyword research to help determine the issues of your target audience.

When you identify your customers business problems, you’re well on your way to interactions that eventually lead to the ways you can help them. 

No matter what you’re doing, it all starts with an engaging interaction that makes you relatable and memorable.

When the time is right for them to solve their problem, I guarantee they’ll remember you.

Until that time, let me challenge you to find creative ways to build relationships by offering valuable insights for your ideal customers' problems in all aspects of marketing and sales. 

Don't have enough time to do the research and create a plan?

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