Are You a Doer or a Dreamer?

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Goals. Dreams. Desires.

We all have them.

Some of us make plans and follow through.

...While others are content to sit on the sidelines and dream about the possibilities.

No matter what “thing” you want or need — each of us live in one camp or another.

We’re either doers or dreamers.

Doers are intentional and tend to get things done.

…While dreamers tend to shake their head yes but struggle to follow through.

[Question:] Are you living life as a doer or a dreamer?

The Zone of Complacency

Some time ago, I was coaching someone about ideas to generate money in her business.

While she was working hard to grow her counseling business, she needed something else to help her with a financial gap.

We came up with an “easy thing” she could do to “stay in her lane” and make money while she worked on building her core business.

In fact, this “thing” was so good that it seemed like a no-brainer.

This new initiative required her to stretch a little and move outside her comfort zone, so we talked about ways to overcome hurdles and change her mindset.

With a game plan and easy steps to open doors and make money, she went on her way.

But a week later, she shared that she hadn’t taken any action on the plan.

She had a lot of reasons why she hadn’t moved forward and quickly shared her list with me.

As I listened, it was clear she was having a hard time getting off go.

She found herself stuck in a zone of complacency.

[Question:] Have you ever felt stuck and struggled to do what you needed to?

Push Beyond a False Sense of Security

You know, complacency is an easy pair of shoes to wear because they are comfortable and well-worn.

Most of us like to hang out where we feel “safe.”

We are all guilty of gravitating towards what we know at one time or another.

But here’s a fact:

While being complacent may give you a false sense of security, it will never take you to where you need and want to go.

We all have a choice to make—stay where we are or move forward.

Don’t let complacency stunt your growth or the growth of those you lead in your business or life.

Commit to stretch and grow.

Find someone to hold you accountable.

Make a plan and get things done.


Maybe you know someone who has a similar story. Perhaps that someone is you.

If you’d like someone to help you become a doer and take action, I can help you do that. (Click here.)