Why Genuine Listening is Important: 7 Ways to Connect with Others


Marketing has been around in some form or fashion since the mid-1400s. The various mediums and methods have changed over time. But through its evolution, the skill of listening has remained a core requirement.

Listening is essential to the success of any form of marketing. 

Why is listening so crucial? You must understand what is important to others, especially if you’re going to influence them to take a specific call to action.

You may have the most fabulous product in the world, but if you don’t understand why your customers need or want your product, you won’t connect with them. In turn, they won’t buy what you’re selling.

Listening to others is key to your success in business and in your personal life. 

Through listening, you can learn what motivates others. You can understand their wants, needs, and desires. By taking the time to listen, you can develop messages that connect with people.

Think about the successful people you know. How do they connect with others? They genuinely listen and share specific thoughts that resonate with the hopes or fears they know others already possess.

Have you noticed how groups of people rapidly gather around a concept or an idea these days? People are using social connections to create movements quickly. They do this by saying something that taps into the emotions of other humans. Most recent examples of this involve antagonist factions surrounding a defensive school of thought.

Why not think about the many ways you can use listening to positively impact others? When you listen to others, you’re showing that you care. By listening, you’re building a platform for relationship marketing. 

7 Ways to Connect with Others

There are many ways you can listen to others. Here are a few to consider:

  • Schedule One-on-One Conversations. Whether in person or by phone, schedule time to really connect with others. Try not to multi-task. Put the phone down or close your computer, so you can really focus on the other person.
  • Send Surveys. While this is a standard way to gather information, it can quickly show you what you’re doing wrong and what you’re doing right. You can quickly set one up yourself or higher a professional marketer (like me!) to do one for you.
  • Monitor Social Media. These platforms are great listening tools. You can quickly see what makes prospects and customers happy and gain insights into potential problem areas you can solve.
  • Join the Conversation. Don’t just monitor social media. Take time to connect and join the conversation where you can. In doing so, you can identify the needs and wants of prospects and existing customers.
  • Make Connecting Easy. Make it easy for people to connect with you. Let people know that you want to hear what they have to say. And be sure to respond promptly when they do reach out.
  • Schedule Testimonial Calls. Allow your marketing person to reach out and interview your customers about what it is like to work with you. Not only will you gain valuable insights, but you’ll connect with your customer on a deeper level with the simple act of listening. Allow your marketing person (someone like me, perhaps?) turn the notes from those interviews into case studies and soundbites that can be used on your website and in social media posts.
  • Make Interactions Personal. Don’t just jump into business conversations. Take a moment to engage and interact on a personal level. Learn something about the other person so you can ask for updates about each time you connect. Does the person you’re interacting with have a new baby or young children? Remember that and ask for updates about them. Maybe they have a unique hobby? For example, I’m an underwater photographer and scuba diver. So you could ask about my latest adventures. Whatever the angle - make it memorable.

When you take the time to listen, you become smarter about the problems and needs of others. You also learn key words and phrases that resonate well with the people you’re trying to reach. You can begin to connect on a deeper, more meaningful level that becomes memorable to both of you over time.

By learning to speak the language of others, you can create effect marketing communications that people listen to and hear. Using their words is guaranteed to make your message stand out in a noisy marketplace.

So are you sharing thoughts just to hear yourself speak? Or are you genuinely listening so you can create meaningful relationships in your business and personal life?

Let’s discuss ways listening can shape your marketing and help connect your brand with your customers. Email me to schedule a conversation today.