Does Your Audience Desire Values-Based Insights Delivered with Sincerity & Genuine Enthusiasm? Let Me Help.

My goal is to equip and inspire audiences with practical steps for connecting with customers ethically and authentically through their business and lives.

As a professional business communicator, I understand the value speakers bring to podcasts, workshops, and coaching programs.

My webinars, workshops, and podcast interviews have been well-received by the Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs, Believers Building Business, The National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs, Marketing Mastery Live, the International Association of Business Communicators Regional & Leadership Conferences, and more.

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"I run an online community of entrepreneurs, and we invite speakers monthly. This past month we had Joy talk about joyful copy, and she exceeded my expectations. Her knowledge, engagement, and tips for practical application left me speechless by the end of her presentation. Joy is the real deal!"

Phil Bynes
CEO, Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur

"If you need a speaker who provides engaging stories with practical how-to tips your audience can apply immediately, then you need to book Joy for your next workshop, podcast, or event."

Mike Kim
Formerly CMO, The John Maxwell Team

Popular Topics I Speak On:

My most requestedĀ presentations are on the topics of copywriting, marketing, and business coaching. IĀ will customize aĀ talk for your audience, as well.

Some of my most popular talks include transformational insights on:

  • How to Connect with Customers Ethically and Authentically
  • Why You Need to Write Joyfully
  • Is Ethical Copy an Oxymoron?
  • How To Create Copy That Connects & Converts
  • How to Persuade with Love Instead of Fear
  • Why Promote Peace Instead of Conflict
  • Why Self-Control is Better Than Impulse Reactions

My Promise To You and Your Audience:

The success of any presentation depends on what happens on and off the stage. You can expect the following from me:

  • 100% preparation, passion, and energy in my presentation(s)
  • Extra-mile engagement with your audience (I enjoy connecting with listeners and attendees after sessions.)
  • Strict adherence to all presentation time limits and event guidelines
  • Prompt, punctual, and clear correspondence on all logistics
  • Model-citizen conduct that reflects positively on you and your brand

When I teach and speak, I see individuals; I don't see crowds.

Let's Discuss Your Speaking Needs

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