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Why Sales and Marketing Copy is Like Dating

Have you ever met someone who jumped straight from hello to a marriage proposal?

I think we all have encountered that in one way or another. 

Here’s What Happened...

I was living in Tampa Bay when a rainstorm came up quickly and flooded the streets along Bayshore Boulevard. 

Since my low-riding Acura Integra wasn't designed for high water, the engine flooded in the blink of an eye.

Before I knew what happened, the water rose half-way up the outside of my red sports car doors.

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Rule #1: How to Write Copy that Connects & Converts

Imagine you're sitting at your desk when the phone rings and the person on the line shares that you've moved up on the waitlist.


There is an opening for the meeting you requested months ago, but you need to get there before the end of the day.


You know your destination is about six hours away in another state, but that doesn't stop you.


Without pausing to think, you grab a few items, hop in the car, and head to the airport.


You don't:

  • prep before you walk out the...
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What Is Copywriting, And Why Should You Care?

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak during a Virtual Summit about using copywriting to move from Joyless to JoyFUL.

Facilitated like a podcast interview on video, the energy of the live audience was high, and the back-and-forth dialogue between the host and me flowed well.

Audience engagement was off-the-charts with hundreds of comments and questions during and after my session.

One question jumped out at me when someone wrote: “Can you help me understand what "copy" is?”


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Is Building Trust Important?

No matter which way you turn, trust is a key factor in life.

From face-to-face interactions to the courses you buy, coaches you hire, and sports you play—trust plays a vital role in every aspect of our lives.

Merriam-Webster defines trust as “reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.”

Trust is much more than a feeling because you’re investing time, money, and part of your life in someone else.

Does Your ‘Yes’ Mean...

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How Will You Respond?

Finding a way to save lives from an invisible virus is key to our success as a human race.

We aren’t watching an action thriller movie.

Coronavirus is happening in real-life around the globe right now.

Human lives are at stake.

This pandemic isn’t about politics, race, gender, age, socio-economics, or faith.

So what do we do?

No matter what you represent, we each have an opportunity and choice to make.

Will we shine the light or stir the pot?

Why not stand out by making a...

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How Will You Live a New Normal?

Every morning this week, the national news starts with, "We're here for you as we all learn to live with a new normal."

But it struck me that my new normal began about a month ago.

The timing of this global crisis with another new normal couldn't align more with what mom, Robert, and I have been going through already.

We were already learning how to live life differently, so adding more shifts into the mix right now fits.

You've probably noticed that the impact of this pandemic is shining the...

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How Do You Use Words?


Everyone uses words in some form or fashion.

Some use words more than others.

No matter which end of the spectrum you are on, words are an intrinsic part of life because we all use them throughout the day.

Words can do so many things from conveying good or bad news to convincing, persuading, and selling.

Words have been around since the beginning of time when God said, “Let there be light.”

Words are so powerful that many books are written about the best ways to use them....

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Does the label match the contents?


She was so excited to share her low-carb discovery with me that she texted me a picture of her new find. 

"These cauliflower chips taste so good," she said. "I could eat the entire bag."

Since I'd spent the past six years following a ketogenic lifestyle and never heard of cauliflower chips, I couldn't wait to check them out.

A quick Google search gave me the details I needed.

Imagine her surprise and my disappointment as I shared that only 10 chips were equal to one entire day of...

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Transformation is the Key

As entrepreneurs, we all have products and services we are driven to share with the world. Each offering meets the needs of specific people in unique ways.

Since the entrepreneurs I support with copywriting and coaching cover the gambit, I have the opportunity to learn about a variety of things and get paid for it. (How cool is that?!)

At the end of the day, every person I encounter is eager to stand out in the marketplace and attract the right clients.

While two people can sell the exact...

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Who's the Hero in Your Business?

Did you know that Veterans Day has been an official holiday to celebrate those who stepped up to defend the United States since 1938?

Finding ways to honor our living heroes happens on this day around the country.

Every military person trains for a particular role to protect our country by doing jobs that many of us would rather avoid doing.

For example, my husband, Robert, chose to live in the tight quarters of a submarine for many years. So he could operate and maintain...

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