When Connecting with Customers, One-Size-Fits-All, Right?!

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I spend a lot of time with the “President” and “COO” of my business.

These two influencers also happen to be my furry-sons—Quigley and Paisley.

No surprise that they both have me wrapped around all eight paws.

As Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, they are very similar in how they look.

But that is where the similarities stop.

You see, Quigley is shy and reserved. As a “dat” (that’s a dog-cat combo) he beats to his own drum and comes whenever he feels like it. Or if food is involved.

But Paisley is the polar opposite because he is always playful, comes every time he is called and is eager to please.

Quigley prefers a gentle touch, while Paisley like to wrestle.

Paisley could spend hours playing fetch, while Quigley is content to sit and watch.

It took several months to teach Quigley how to shake, but it only took a few days for Paisley to give me his paw on command.

My furry sons may look similar but what makes them tick is very different.

As business owners and entrepreneurs, your customers are just like Quigley and Paisley.

They all beat to different drums and what may work to connect with one, may not work so well with another.

Do You Know What Makes Your Customers Tick?

There is much to consider when you’re trying to create value-added content that connects with your customers.

In fact, I’ve found that most conversations with entrepreneurs who want to carve out their niche in the marketplace follow a similar train of thought.

Every passionate business owner knows they have something amazing to offer people, but they aren’t quite sure how to reach them or showcase how what they are offering solves their prospects’ problems.

Just like knowing works to get Quigley and Paisley to do things, you need to know what makes your customers take action and resonate with you.

You need a firm understanding of the types of treats, calls, and signals that will get them to come, sit, stay, and play.

Or in the case of your prospects, you need to know how to speak their language, what problems they need solved, and what is important to them.

The funny part is that every time customer avatars are discussed, most entrepreneurs say they:

  • Understand who their target audience is,
  • Know what they want and need, and
  • Speak the language of their avatar.

Ironically, many share that they have never researched or interviewed their ideal customers. 

But ponder this…

How can you begin to know what your prospects want if you’ve never invested time learning about them?

Have You Done Your Homework?

So what type of entrepreneurial business owner are you?

Do you market your brand and products based on your own personal insights and instincts?

Or have you dug into research that helps you understand the characteristics of your avatars?

When you get ready to create a new product and launch it into the marketplace are you flying by the seat of your pants and relying on your gut?

Every successful brand and product launch that I’ve had the privilege to provide marketing and copywriting support to takes the time to create a well-defined customer avatar profile.

In fact, the first few items on my Product Launch Checklist are all about understanding the nuances of your customer avatars:

  • Identify customer characteristics.
  • Understand their needs and wants.
  • Identify their perceived pain.
  • Research customer language.

And the list goes on…

If you want to level up your game and start to really connect with your customers, I can help.

Let’s jump on a call and discuss how you can break out of the one-size-fits-all mentality, and start really connecting with your customers.

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