KDE Podcast Live Episode 426: What's All the Hype About AI? Does It Really Matter?

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One of the HOTTEST TOPICS in business today surrounds the use of AI to create and do, especially for marketing content.

While I'm a regular co-host for the KDE Live Podcast, for episode 426 they invited me to "be a guest" and discuss AI (artificial intelligence) versus SI (supernatural intelligence or spiritual intelligence).

It is no secret that today’s AI-hype frenzy has created controversy, buzz, and polarization.

With that in mind, this episode found me and my co-hosts exploring where AI fits in the life of a Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur or any Christ-following business leader.

Some of the points we discussed included:

  • How do AI and SI fit together, if at all?
  • How could using AI impact Kingdom-minded entrepreneurs and business leaders?
  • What do you think is Holy Spirit’s perspective on using AI in life and business?

Listen in to our lively conversation when you click the video below.

Join me for more insights about AI and SI: https://www.joycapps.com/AI-SI