FEAR: Face Everything And Rise

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A friend of mine posted on Facebook that she was freaking out about an impending storm not that long ago. In the post, she asked her friends to say things to calm her.

A Panic Attack Evokes Fear
Her post made me reflect one of my recent scuba dives where I experienced an extreme panic attack.
This past Friday morning, we did a deep dive on a 120-140 foot ledge in the ocean. (Most of our dives are normally 75-90 feet.)  Our goal was to see big sharks. 

Timing was everything to make this adventure work.
To make the drop on this rapid current dive site, I'd have to be weighted properly.

I followed our dive guide's instructions and added two pounds of weight.
Unfortunately, it caused me to plummet rapidly to the bottom.
As the pressure and atmospheres quickly changed, my nose started to bleed, and blood filled my mask.
About that time, I spotted two of the largest bull sharks I've ever seen in my life. They were moving quickly. With their backs arched, it was obvious they were on the hunt. 

The deep, blue water seemed endless, and there was nowhere to hide.
An eerie feeling crept over me. Except for the knowledge that my dive-buddy husband was nearby, it felt like we were diving in an abyss.
My heart started racing. I suddenly felt uncertain about our safety. 

With sharks hunting nearby, a mask full of blood and wearing too much weight—making it hard to control my buoyancy—I quickly determined it was time to bail out on the dive.

Like all dives, you must do a three-minute safety stop before surfacing.
But as I made my ascent, I started to have a panic attack and began hyperventilating. It felt like I couldn't breathe.

So I started quoting scripture. Verse after verse that I've memorized played in my head.
I claimed those scriptures—as though my life depended on it—because, at that moment, it did.

And you know what happened? My spirit calmed down. I felt peace. I felt His presence.

I finally surfaced. The boat came and picked us up. And all was well.
A Business Foundation
Like all aspects of life, running a business always has highs and lows.
There are moments where you are successful.
There are also moments where you experience fear of the unknown. 

Like sharks in the blue abyss, many entrepreneurial visionaries consistently and quickly change direction as they strive for success.
As their business rapidly grows, they never quite feel like they've hit their mark.
This is usually because they've forgotten to create a solid strategic plan they can rely on.
Or if they have one, they forget to take action on it consistently.

When followed, plans will create stability and help everyone to hit the mark.

As a business owner, you are certain to encounter scenarios that make you feel uncomfortable; especially when you take business risks and dive into the unknown.
But if you've taken the time to create a plan and establish a firm foundation, you are certain breath a bit easier.

Planning means you can turn fears into positives.
Instead of Forgetting Everything and Running, plans help you can Face Everything And Rise.

Do you need a strategic plan but don't know where to start? 
Maybe you need someone to collaborate with you, encourage you, and help you stay accountable. 
Email me so we can find a time to explore your business needs.