The Case Against Guarantees Without Risks

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It’s a fact:  If you’re going to see results with a project or task, then you have to invest time preparing for the main event.

It is critical to learn best practices, study the masters, research your audience, and understand their potential problems before you take action on anything.

These steps are synonymous with some of my favorite things: copywriting, marketing, coaching, and scuba diving.

Isn’t it ironic that these activities require a significant amount of risk-taking and due diligence to produce desired outcomes?!

No Risks = No Results

The funny thing is, we’ve all heard it said a thousand times, “In life, there are no guarantees.”

Neither are there guarantees with things like business, writing, marketing, or scuba diving.

But without taking risks, none of us will ever achieve results.

Without [insert activity], you will never experience [insert proposed results of action].

The formula is the same no matter what you put in the blanks.

Without diving into the ocean, you’ll never experience the nirvana of a magical underwater adventure.

Similarly, without hiring an experienced communicator to write compelling, direct response content— you will never connect with your customers.

If risk-taking is a part of life and business, then why are so many people fearful of stepping out and taking risks?

There Are No Guarantees In Life 

I know, I know… everyone wants a guarantee. But the fact is — there are no guarantees in life.

Or, are there?

Oh wait, I have one, but you won’t like it: If you keep sitting on the couch eating sweets - I guarantee you’ll get fat.

But that example doesn’t represent the positive results the vast majority of us are seeking in business and life.

Back to comparing diving to business communications…

One of the first things I hear when someone learns that I’m a scuba diver is “Oh, no, that is too risky and daring for me.”

Or “I don’t know how you do that.”  “You could be eaten by a shark.”

“Don’t you realize that you might drown?”  “Why would you want to risk dying like that?!”

To those nay-sayers, I typically have a standard response that goes something like this… 

While there are no guarantees in life, did you know that scuba diving is considered a low-risk sport with approximately 2 deaths per 100,000 divers?

Especially compared to other more common sports like:

  • jogging with 13 deaths per 100,000 joggers or
  • horseback riding with 128 fatalities per 100,000 riders

Similarly, there are no guarantees with most things in life or business.

If You’re Not Willing to Risk It, Then You Don’t Want It Bad Enough 

Many business owners and entrepreneurs search for someone that will provide them guarantees on conversion rates and ROI.

But any solid communicator will tell you they cannot predict the future.

The only thing they will promise is deeply educated guesswork.

Any seasoned copywriter, marketer, or coach knows they must:

  • research your target audience,
  • learn your voice,
  • understand your prospects’ language,
  • dive deep into their pain and problems,
  • structure persuasive and influential writing,
  • and much more…

It is impossible for any professional communicator to guarantee success because there are so many factors outside of a writers’ control.

From timing to design to distribution to the product itself to a worn-out list… the factors that can and will influence results are endless. 

If you believe in a communicator that guarantees his or her outcome, then I’ve got some radioactive swampland I’d like to sell you. (Ha!)

Any Risk Worth Pursuing Involves Due Diligence

Life and business involves pursuing outcomes by taking calculated risks. 

Since there aren’t any guarantees—how do you make wise business-related decisions such as hiring a copywriter, marketer, or coach?

Just like I would never go diving without planning and preparation, I don’t recommend you hire someone until you’ve checked their skills and credentials.

You need to find out if they know what they are doing. 

Comparatively, before I dive with a dive shop or operation, I check to see if they have received a 5-Star PADI rating.

(5-Star PADI means a lot of things, but for brevity know that it demonstrates that they have the credentials to get me to and from the dive location without killing me.)

I recommend you do the same thing and check the creds of any copywriter, marketer, or coach you’re considering hiring.

Genuine Know-How, or Smoke & Mirrors

Just because they talk a big game, how do you know they are worth their weight in salt?

Some people LOVE to tell you how awesome they are. (We've all encountered these type of people at one time or another.) 

But when you dig into their background, you learn they don’t have the genuine know-how; they are just a good salesperson.

Since gaining understanding starts with a conversation, ask key questions about their service and process.

Discuss the projects they’ve worked on, and the results of their work.  

Ask things like:

  • How many years have you been working as a copywriter and marketer?
  • How do you strive for excellence and professional growth?
  • Do you have endorsements and certifications to show you’re continually leveling up?

For instance, if you asked me those questions, I’d tell you this:

I’ve been a copywriter, marketer, and coach for more than 20 years. 

In the last five years, I’ve pivoted from a focus on SaaS-based companies to entrepreneurs and business owners.

(Will I still work with SaaS-based companies? You bet.)

My personal coach is marketing superstar Mike Kim. (In fact, I've been writing email sequences and an evergreen launch for one of his high-profile clients.)

I’m an endorsed service provider and certified copywriter of Ray Edwards. (And Ray also is a mentor, client, and friend.)

Will I guarantee results? Absolutely not.

But you can bet, I will dive deep into creating success for your business with the enthusiasm of someone who takes risks and is passionate about diving with sharks, and with the integrity of one who follows a true moral compass.

The decision is yours. You can do nothing because you want guarantees.

Or as Chuck Yeager said, "You don’t concentrate on risks. You concentrate on results. No risk is too great to prevent the necessary job from getting done." 

It all starts with a discussion

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