What Are You Focused On?

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Humans are like sponges that absorb whatever they're around. What we focus on is what we tend to become more like.

If you keep talking about how your life sucks, then everything around you will look and feel horrible.

If you continually salivate over what you know you shouldn't have, eventually, you will take a bite or engage in that activity.

Case in point, I recently made a conscious decision to jump back on the strict keto wagon that previously helped me go from a ladies size 18 to a 4. My inner teenager has been throwing hissy fits and temper tantrums, begging me to eat things that will derail my quest and journey. But I won't do it. (Suck it up, buttercup.)

Or what about the person who's constantly complaining about their life? Yet, she doesn't do anything to move the needle forward. Instead, they whine, complain, and moan about how horrible things are to anyone within earshot. (Yuck! No one wants to listen to that?)

Successful business owners know humans like to focus on problems, so they let their marketing hone in on the issues their prospects possess. Why? Because they want to sell you a solution that will promise to fix what's keeping you up at night. (Knowing what bothers others is how words help sell things.)

So how do you overcome the hurdles and challenges around you?

  • Be intentional to focus on the right things.
  • Create new habits and routines.
  • Celebrate your wins - no matter how small. 

Sure, you've heard all those things throughout life. But being intentional about WHO you spend time with and listen to and WHAT you read and do will help you create the most success.

My personal "secret sauce" contains a lot. In particular, I possess loads of determination, incredible drive, and an intentional moment-by-moment focus on (what I like to call) the Ultimate Partnership and How-To Guide (aka talking with God and reading The Bible). 

You can apply these same techniques for marketing your business. Here's what to do:

  • Be intentional to interview your customers and prospects.
  • Learn what keeps them up at night and how they talk about it.
  • Write about those things and really show how you understand. (Don't fake it. Only be sincere.)
  • Provide them with opportunities and solutions that will help them.
  • Examine what you've written to eliminate any twisted realities or subtle hype.
  • Rinse, repeat. (Yes, it is THAT simple.)

So let me ask you, in your life and business: What are you focused on right now? Are you letting your inner child take over? Or are you striving to be the best you can be in all you think, say, and do?

Are you making excuses every step of the way (like most of us do)? Or are you setting goals and tackling them one by one and then celebrating what you've accomplished?

Are you writing about your customers' needs, wants, and desires? Are you offering ways to help them overcome and achieve results?

If you'd ever like help making what I described a reality for your business, let's discuss my Done-FOR-You or Done-WITH-You copywriting and business coaching. It all starts with a conversation

Remember: Whatever you focus on is what you will grow.