Dive Into Your Goals Without Shiny Object Syndrome

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Everywhere we look people are talking about creating goals for the new year.

At its core, goal creating is about change and transformation.

Creating transformation is a good pursuit anytime — not just at the beginning of a new year.

No matter what you want to achieve, creating goals formalizes a game plan to help you get from point a to point b.

Setting new goals creates growth opportunities to help push beyond your self-imposed limitations by exploring the unknown.

Do You Suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome Like Barracudas?

As an entrepreneurial business owner, it is easy to get sucked into “shiny object syndrome,” which can derail you from reaching your goals without you even knowing it.

Does shiny object syndrome describe you?

If you find yourself darting after the latest trend consistently - then you are definitely afflicted with the shiny object syndrome.

Since you and I both are entrepreneurs, this next statement won’t come as a surprise…

Most entrepreneurs are highly motivated and want new developments to occur fast, which can sometimes lead to this disease of distraction.

Like barracudas that chase shiny objects in the ocean, we can all find ourselves lost in a sea of options without producing our desired results when we ping from one fad to another.

Here’s an Underwater Tourist Fact: Shiny objects attract barracuda’s attention. Their intended prey are silvery fish, but any shiny thing can take them off course fast.

Barracudas get a bad rap as a menace of the ocean because of their shiny object syndrome.

Their ability to go after the wrong thing leaves them hungry and “off course” in the vast ocean.

It must happen to them a lot because they are known for darting after “shiny objects” going up to 35 miles per hour.

With their ability to accelerate into bursts of speed, they sprint towards what they think could be their next meal all the time.

Just like barracudas, you probably have experienced that adrenalin rush when you chase after the latest how-to _____ phenomena.

When you follow these distractions, you can find yourself “lost” in the ocean of entrepreneurial businesses.

So if you do this, you’re not alone.

But, sadly, sometimes those businesses “drown” when they don’t reach their goals.

Your “how-to _____” blank could be anything from… how-to create webinars, how-to use YouTube, how-to write your own book… etc.

Whatever it is that attracts you and draws your attention away from building your business can hurt you more than help you.

Dive Into Your Goals Without Getting Lost at Sea

It may sound cliche, but it is possible to dive into your business goals without getting lost at sea.

When you are intentional and don’t chase after the latest shiny object, you can see great success.

But how do you do this?

You need to create a strategic plan that helps you map out ways reach your goals.

And you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to plan well.

In fact, the best method I’ve found to help me stretch and grow is by studying and following formulas that have worked well for others and then taking action on them.

Plan Your Dive, and Dive Your Plan

As a passionate underwater tourist (aka scuba diver) that uses copywriting and marketing to connect businesses with their customers, I tend to see the world—both business and personal—through the lens of diving.

Whenever I get ready to explore the depths of the ocean, I don’t just dive in and hope things will work out.

I plan my dive.

Or as they say in the diving community, “Plan your dive, and dive your plan.”

This same simple process is vital for success in anything we pursue.

We have to plan our _____, and then take action on our plan.

I left that blank on purpose because you can fill that blank with any one thing you want to do.

And if you follow the formula, you will see results.

Plan your _______, and then take action on what you’ve planned.

So what’s in your blank for the next four quarters?

Is it launching a new business?

Are you going to create a new product, service, or online course?

Perhaps your blank is focused on growing an email list, writing a book, or delivering your signature speech.

Use my DIVE acronym so you can have success diving into your goals:

  • Determine your possibilities, and set goals.
  • Investigate your options, and make a game plan.
  • Visualize where you need to go, and take action.
  • Explore the unknown, and take risks to achieve great results.

In diving, if you don’t have a plan, you can wind up in a bariatric chamber, severely hurt, or worse yet - dead.

If your business operates on a wing and a prayer, or you follow the spray and pray it works method - it can and will fail.

Let me encourage you to dive into your goals by creating a plan to follow - and then follow it.

I guarantee you’ll see results.

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