Want to Get Unstuck? Do These Things...

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Does consistently writing about your business seem like a hurdle to overcome?

From sleep deprivation to not enough hours in the day—the list of excuses…err, I mean 'competing priorities' is long.

No matter what you call it—procrastination, getting stuck, or shiny object syndrome—we all find creative ways to put projects off.

When you find it difficult to focus on something, do you: 

  • Ignore the situation hoping it will go away?
  • Seek help from others?
  • Create a plan to move forward?

This weekend found me grounded with few options, so I was intentional with specific steps to help me get unstuck.

Overcome Hidden Objects.

After our boat outing, I had one job: Putter around the dock area until I saw Robert back the boat trailer down the ramp. 

I only drive the boat occasionally, but how hard could it be to navigate the lightly congested waterway?

Everything seemed okay until the boat came to an abrupt halt. The sound of grinding shells confirmed that I'd run into a hidden oyster bed below the water's surface. Our 17-foot Key West was stuck and would not budge no matter how hard I revved the engine.

All alone, hopelessness tried to invade my thoughts. But I chose to pause, pray, and think through options.

Even though the dock and land were nearby, I knew that abandoning the vessel was not a good idea. 

Thankfully, nearby fishermen drove over when I called them. Within minutes, they got me unstuck by pulling on the rope they tethered to my railing.

Remove Roadblocks.

Business writing sometimes feels the same way. You have good intentions, but your brain gets snagged on something beneath the surface that keeps you from moving forward.

No matter what you try, putting words on a page doesn't flow. It feels like you're stuck and grinding in place without any options.

If only removing roadblocks for consistent writing could be resolved by someone throwing you a line to pull you forward.

Grab This Line: If you create a writing new habit, do at least three things to experience success.

Plan Sharp Focus, Then Maximize Your Results.

If you want to create a new habit, then you need to do this…

  • Plan. Block out writing time on your calendar several days a week. Keep this commitment like you would an appointment with a client. Be deliberate and intentional without allowing others to interrupt that time.
  • Sharp. Work on your project when you're alert and at your best. If you're a morning person, schedule your business writing block first thing in the morning. Let your energy level work for you, not against you.
  • Focus. Remove distractions. Turn your phone on silent and set your computer to 'do not disturb.' Minimize your Internet browsers and email inbox. Shut the door to your office. Put on noise-canceling headphones, as needed. 

Want to maximize your results? Add these next two steps into your new habit:

  • Request. Seek wisdom and discernment before you write. As a Christ-follower, I ask the Lord to partner with me on every project. You can, too. Try this: Before writing, ask the Lord to guide you. Then be quiet and listen. (See Jer. 33:3 & Prov. 16:9) 
  • Reward. For every 30-45 minutes that you work on your project, give yourself a ten minute-prize to do one of your shiny object syndrome activities, e.g., mindless scrolling through Facebook or Instagram.

What to Do Next Time...

The next time you feel stuck or find yourself struggling to write consistently, follow the steps to plan sharp focus and maximize your results.

When you apply these action steps to your writing and things in your life and business, you'll be surprised by what you'll accomplish.

Are you interested in learning other insights for overcoming other writing challenges?

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