Podcast Interview: Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur with Shae Bynes

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As Shae Bynes wrote: Today’s guest on The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Podcast is Joy Capps,

Joy Capps, Founder of Engaging Business Communications, LLC is back on the podcast today. Joy has been a part of the KDE Family for a few years now and has really gone ALL THE WAY IN on this wild, crazy, and amazing adventure of Kingdom-driven entrepreneurship, and it has been a delight for me personally to have a front-row seat for much of it.

I like to have these update episodes with return guests from time to time so that you – as a listener – can get inspired, encouraged, in the JOURNEY — and so this conversation you’ll hear with Joy is about how she has navigated the past year as God has been shifting her and expanding her territory in business. And you’ll hear about how she learned to “take the gloves off” and show up with intention and authenticity with a Kingdom-centered message for her industry  which is marketing and communications.

Episode Length: 51 mins

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