Does the label match the contents?

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She was so excited to share her low-carb discovery with me that she texted me a picture of her new find. 

"These cauliflower chips taste so good," she said. "I could eat the entire bag."

Since I'd spent the past six years following a ketogenic lifestyle and never heard of cauliflower chips, I couldn't wait to check them out.

A quick Google search gave me the details I needed.

Imagine her surprise and my disappointment as I shared that only 10 chips were equal to one entire day of our carb allotment.

Like so many things in life and business, we need to make sure that the contents match the label on anything we choose to consume.

Before you make your next product or service purchase, ask: 

  • Is this product or service the real deal? 
  • Does this sound too good to be true?
  • Are they just saying what you want to hear, so you'll buy it?
  • Does this promise to share mystical powers or insights?
  • Are you guaranteed results if you follow their roadmap?
  • Does the label match the contents?
  • Is hype and manipulation part of their pitch?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then stop and do not move forward.

Why? Because you never want to buy anything when the contents don't match the label.

And in my personal opinion, I've learned to never buy anything that doesn't align with the fruits of the Spirit.

Use wisdom and discernment before you plop down your credit card.

When you do, I'm pretty certain you'll save a LOT of money.

Before you push send on your next email or anything you write—make sure your words are authentic and trustworthy.

To help you do this, I created this simple checklist "Joyful Copy Alignment."

Click here to download your copy and start writing Joyful Copy today.