Persuasion vs. Manipulation

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Manipulation and persuasion date back to the Garden of Eden when seductive words made a forbidden fruit enticing.⁣
It is hard to avoid the two concepts because they have become part of societal DNA.⁣
You see it dished up everywhere: social media, magazines, news, emails, websites, sales pages, ads, etc.⁣
Some lean into the philosophy that if everyone is doing it, it must be okay.⁣
The question is which IT are you using? ⁣
Are you subtly coaxing to get people to take action? ⁣
Or do you build your case with authentic persuasion? ⁣
There's a fine line between manipulation and persuasion.⁣
Which one do you tend to use?⁣

While this topic is one we all deal with in life and business, some of us address it head on and others just play follow-the-leader.

Since it speaks to the topic ethical copywriting, it begs the question: Is ethical copywriting an oxymoron?
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No matter what you believe, the content is applicable and something to consider.
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