Planning BEFORE Doing

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Most sources say strategic marketing planing became a thing between 1952 and 1964.

But strategic planning is discussed throughout The Ultimate How-To Guide (aka The Bible), which is over 3,400 years old.

In fact, Habakkuk 2:2 quotes the Lord (as he talked to Habakkuk): write the vision (that God gave him) and make it plain.

While this verse and passage are filled with many lessons, the one thing that jumps out to me is that Christian business leaders—like you and me—should write out plans for EVERYTHING we create and do.

That means the flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants methodology (that many embrace today) should be replaced with PLANNING BEFORE DOING.

Imagine what would happen if you and I took the time to THINK through STRATEGY FIRST before we do anything?


As Christ-followers, you and I have the opportunity to invite The Creator of the Universe into our planning FROM THE BEGINNING.

Talk about a guaranteed game-changer.


When it comes to your marketing communications projects, are you playing the fire, aim, ready game?

Or are you taking the time to plan BEFORE doing?

Are you trying to plan on your own or with your team?

Imagine what could happen if you planned in partnership with the Holy Spirit.

What do you think about this approach?

Send me an email to share your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.

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