Make Your Content Shine Like Rudolph

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My previous post gave you five tips for infusing your copy with Frosty's Spirit. (If you missed it, you may want to go check it out.)

Now let's look at creating marketing copy to "Shine Like Rudolph."

Make Your Marcom Stand Out 

Like Rudolph's Nose Year-Round

Remember how Rudolph is well-known for three things:

1) His distinctive red nose that set him apart from others.

2) Demonstrating resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

3) His ability to transform negative situations into valuable ones for others.

Similarly, you can infuse warmth and uniqueness into the communications you create, so it serves as a guiding light for others to follow. 

Let's peek at FIVE WAYS TO MAKE YOUR MARCOM STAND OUT and "Shine Like Rudolph" year-round.

ONE: Wave Your Freak Flag. Just like Rudolph's peculiar red nose, make sure your communications highlight what makes you and your offerings different from your wanna-be competitors.


TWO: Emphasize Positivity. Everyone wants to experience transformation. Similar to Rudolph's nose guiding the sleigh through the fog, spell out ways your solutions help customers move from their problems to results.


THREE: Meet Objections Head-On. Just like Rudolph conquered prejudices, answer possible objections before they are asked and share case studies showing how customers overcame obstacles.


FOUR: Create Belonging. Since you only want to work with the RIGHT customers, clearly define who your solutions are for and who they are not for. Doing so will help prospects easily identify that your offering is for them, just like Rudolph found acceptance.


FIVE: Connect with Emotions. Show customers you understand them by describing the emotions your ideal client may feel about the problems that your business solves. Rudolph's story is heartwarming, so hone in on positive feelings that lead to opportunities for transformation.


When you consistently infuse your marcom with brightness to "Shine Like Rudolph," you'll leave a positive, lasting impression that stands out in today's hype-filled, fear-driven marketplace.

I hope you found those five tips helpful and accept the challenge of weaving them into your marcom daily.

Stay tuned for two more blog posts in this series that will give you marketing communications tips for giving like Santa and loving like Jesus.

Until then… Be Blessed,