How Do You Use Words?

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Everyone uses words in some form or fashion.

Some use words more than others.

No matter which end of the spectrum you are on, words are an intrinsic part of life because we all use them throughout the day.

Words can do so many things from conveying good or bad news to convincing, persuading, and selling.

Words have been around since the beginning of time when God said, “Let there be light.”

Words are so powerful that many books are written about the best ways to use them.

Amazon shows more than 200,000 books about the best way to write, while Google pulled up more than 2.6 billion listings on the topic.

From dictionaries that define words to books with advice for writing effectively—words shape people, cultures, businesses, and communities.

Words shape behavior and change lives.

People are so enamored with words that 22% of smartphone users check their phones every few minutes, and 51% look at it a few times every hour. (Source: Lefttonic)

So it is no surprise that today finds words driving debates, TEDTalks, sales, and much more.

Headlines, Subject Lines, & Posts Tell a Tale

Everywhere we look—social media, news outlets, magazines, billboards, and emails—we see words designed to grab our attention and draw us in.

Want to know what most people care about? Quickly scan the headlines, email subject lines, or social posts, and you’ll get a sense of hot topics in an instant.

Headlines, subject lines, and posts tend to sensitize and polarize without boundaries.

Anything and everything is fair game these days.

You don’t have to look far to find words that evoke curiosity, spark controversy, cause pain, draw attention, and get people to open their wallets.

But what if there were a way to connect with others without negativity, manipulation, or hype.

Would you do it?

You’re In Charge of Your Words

How we use words is up to us.

We all use words to convey messages—from positive encouragement to fear, hype, or heartache.

The question is, where in the spectrum do the words you use fall?

Maybe you want to inspire and unite people to do something.

Without much effort, our words will encourage and lift others up.

Similarly, words will tear people down.

While some words convey authority and leadership, they might also manipulate to twist perceptions of reality.

No matter which way you slice it, words are powerful.

So how are you using words when you communicate with others?

Connect with Others Authentically

Every time we open our mouths or write out words—we have a choice to make.

Will we use words to connect with others authentically, or will our words blend in with the common diatribe and fodder of the day?

Join me in a quest to uncover ways to make words joyful.

Are you tired of the status quo and allowing others to manipulative your thoughts with negative, sensationalized hype? Me, too.

Let’s take a stand for what is right, true, and pure, so whatever we write honors our Creator.

One easy step is to review whatever you write for Joyful Copy Alignment.

Grab my free checklist and use it the next time you write.