Another AI Hoodwink Strikes Again

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When my coaching call ended, I took my two energetic fur-kids outside to play ball for 5 minutes.


The temperature felt "pleasant" (for Florida), BUT dark rain clouds loomed overhead with the promise of a storm.


To better understand when the rain might happen, I asked my AI tool: "Hey Siri, when will it rain here?"


Imagine my surprise to receive this conflicting response as I stood in the backyard, dry and comfortable.


There is a 0% chance of rain, but it is raining now. Yet, I'm outside, and it is NOT raining.


Holy hoodwink, Batman!


This laughable situation made me think about the consistent discrepancies AI presents to us—especially those who try to use it for their business communications.


Sure, AI frees up time and can do some incredible things, but some results are WAY off base with wrong information.


Sadly, far too many people, especially business leaders, are in a rush to get things done and don't pause to:

✦Consider the source of the info

✦Validate the content

✦Check for plausibility

✦Generate new ideas

✦Weave in emotional intelligence

✦Check for copyright infringement

❗❗(Insert ethical considerations here)


And yet, many are trying to pass off these inaccurate mishmashes as their "own" content.


To what end? At the risk of:

🚫coming across as FAKE or ingenuine,

🚫DEVALUING your position as a thought leader or credible resource,

🚫ALIENATING your prospects and customers

🚫putting out LOW-QUALITY material


The list of negatives for using AI as a source, not as a resource, is deep and wide.


💡What IF, just for a moment, you used that AI-generated content for research or to brainstorm ideas?


💡What IF you consistently ran AI info through the professional communicator you hired to ensure the content sounds like your own voice and meets your goals?


💡What IF, as a Christian business leader, you and your professional marketer sought guidance from THE Source FIRST?


⚡⚡Imagine what would happen IF you let SI (spiritual intelligence) lead your communications strategies and marketing content creation and only used AI as a tool in your toolbox.


Then, what IF you filtered the AI "stuff" through THE Source to check for alignment.


Would that allow your authenticity to shine through?


Would starting with SI to guide and using AI as a resource allow you to covertly or boldly take a stand in the marketplace?




Want to learn how to start with SI and use AI as a resource?


I have some workshops, group coaching sessions, and 1:1 opportunities baking in the hopper that I hope to release soon.


Until then, let me encourage you to tap into the Ultimate How-To Guide and SI first.


His promise is true: Call to Me, and I will show you great and mighty things.


If you can't wait until I release these opportunities, send me an email, and we'll schedule a call to discuss your needs.