Are you tired of compromising your values?

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This struck a chord with me last night: 

Authentic Christians cannot hide Jesus.


You see, I’ve spent many years leaving Jesus at the door so I could be accepted by clients and bosses.


I frequently heard:

✱ We don’t want to offend.

✱ We don’t talk about “religion.”

✱ Don’t bring that up.


So I kept what I believed to myself.


Sadly, I compromised my values in exchange for acceptance.


And I only pulled out Jesus when I needed Him to magically grant my wish.


Along the way I encountered those professed to be believers, but used Christianity as a manipulative HOOK to suck people in and buy the vaporware they were selling.


But a personal experience with a guru who did that became my wake up call.


In an effort to please the guru, the person I became no longer reflected Who and what I knew to be true.


Then I was convicted to start taking a stand WITHOUT SAYING A WORD.


BEFORE starting any project, I quietly prayed for my colleagues and clients.


HOW I helped people started changing for the better.


Recently, Abba Father told me it was time for me to be BOLDER and more DIRECT in teaching a better way to connect with customers by creating communications that align with Him and The Ultimate How-To Guide (aka The Bible).


While I love supporting everyone no matter what you believe, helping Christian business leaders use ethical marketing communications COVERTLY or BOLDLY is my quest.


NOW is the time to make sure your authentic walk shines through your business.


No magic potions. No pie-in-the-sky metrics. No set-it-and-forget-it AI. No roadmaps created for someone else.


When you go this route consistently, you WILL attract the right people who will buy from you at the right time.


QUESTION: Are you trying to hide Jesus like I did? Or are you letting Him shine through?


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