The Joy (or Pain) of Creating Marketing Content

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You either love it or you hate it.

Some use it as a form of expression. Others use it as a de-stressing tool.

And even others use it as a way to complain and whine while getting nothing done at all.

Some fortunate ones farm out the task by hiring someone to do the job for them.

What I’m referring to is cleaning the house. But it could also apply to creating marketing content.

Similar to scrubbing the floor or cleaning a toilet — doing the task may find you experiencing a sense of accomplishment and joy OR it could fill you with dread because you know you need to do it but don’t want to.

Both tasks — housekeeping and marketing — are essential for creating a positive home life and thriving business that connects with customers.

But many of us approach one or both of those tasks with mixed emotions.

Good News! Besides hiring someone to create and do for you—there are steps you can take to make the process smoother and make your expertise shine. Let’s look at five.

Five Transformative Strategies

ONE: Seek Divine Wisdom. (Seriously)

When you pray for guidance and ask for The Creator of the Universe to give you wisdom and discernment—and He will give it to you. (Don’t believe me? Jeremiah 33:3 promises He will respond if we seek Him sincerely with all of our heart.)

[PRO TIP] Let your marketing creations be guided by God's wisdom, ensuring that anything you create and do shines His light in the marketplace.

TWO: Use A.I. as a resource and tool.

While it is tempting to let AI do all the work for you and pawn it off as your original work, that approach isn’t ethical. The right versions of AI can even help you gain understanding about your audience, market trends, and more to make your content relevant and impactful.

[PRO TIP] Use AI to help you research, validate, give feedback, and review what you’ve created.

THREE: Genuinely understand your audience.

You know how your cleaning project is more effective when you make a game plan for what needs to be cleaned and you’re prepared with all the right supplies?

The content -- e.g., your lead magnet and emails -- that you create will resonate with the right customers when you take time to uncover their problems and needs.

[PRO TIP] Interview customers and prospects about the specific problems you solve. Ask open-ended questions and listen.

FOUR: KISS (Keep It Simple & Sincere)

Similar to the sense of satisfaction that comes from decluttering your desk (or any area in your house)—your content should be concise and valuable.

[PRO TIP] Offer quick wins your audience can do easily on their own. Solve one of their pressing problems with easy-to-follow steps. Write nurture emails that are heartfelt and explain each step in a conversational tone.

FIVE: Write Compelling Communications

You know how a well-organized house is appealing? Similarly, keep your content well-written so you’re pulling your reader in and keeping them interested in the tips you have to offer.

[PRO TIP] Write 1-2 sentence paragraphs. Eliminate jargon. Avoid acronyms UYDT (unless you define them). <—see what I did there?!


Be intentional to seek Divine wisdom, combine it with AI insights, and follow these tips. When you do, I promise you’ll start creating marketing content that attracts the right customers because you’re taking a stand to show up ethically and authentically.

Remember: Creating marketing content is like housecleaning — it isn’t about the task itself but the outcome and impact on others. Both require consistent thoughtful efforts to experience results.

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