Podcast Interview: Power Up Your Marriage & Business

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When you listen to this podcast, you'll hear me share about writing marketing messages that sell, and so much more.

Robert & Kay Lee Fukui talk with me about working in corporate America and the tension between doing the right thing and following the company line.

Power Couples by Design coaches Robert and Kay Lee wrote:

I’m not sure if you realize but we all buy based on what we read. Sure, what we see, feel and taste are part of the sales process but ultimately, we need to read what we are buying, how to buy it and what it costs. 

But it’s not quite that easy. Writing compelling marketing messages that compel people to purchase can be challenging. And writing it without manipulation so you can sleep at night can seem more difficult. 

Meet Joy Capps. Author of the new book “Joyful Copy.” She’ll share with us how you can write compelling copy that sells while holding true to your values. You don’t need to manipulate your audience to get them to buy. You can be authentic and truthful and attract all the business that you need. 

Website: https://www.joycapps.com/ 

Buy the book: https://www.joycapps.com/book 

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joycapps/

Key Takeaways:

  • Before you became a freelance copywriter, you worked in a corporate environment. Tell us what types of roles where they were and how did you land here?

  • I remember the tension between doing the right thing or following the company line. Were there situations that kept you up at night?

  • How did you deal with it?

  • Most business owners want to sell the right way so that’s why a lot of them say, “I don’t do marketing.” Which we both know is not true. You’re always marketing whether you realize it or not. So how do you write compelling marketing messages without being manipulative? You know like “seating is limited” for a virtual event. 

  • How do you handle clients that want you to cross the line with your copywriting?

  • You don’t need to be the expert but you should know the basics of good copywriting so you know who to hire.

  • Tips on writing effective email marketing