Give Like Santa Year-Round? Do This.

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My last two blog posts offered you TEN tips to help your content Dance Like Frosty and Shine Like Rudolph(If you missed them, you'll want to click the corresponding hyperlinks.)

Now let's focus on line #3 of this inspirational holiday sentiment:

Dance like Frosty.

Shine like Rudolph.

Give like Santa.

Love like Jesus.

While Santa visited most Western culture homes on Dec. 25th, did you know some are still waiting to celebrate Christmas…WITHOUT Kris Kringle?

Before you Google it, here's the answer: Armenians celebrate Christmas on January 6th, and Orthodox Church members celebrate on January 7th without a St. Nick emphasis. 

But the concept is something everyone appreciates because the "jolly old elf" elevates the joy of gift-giving and doing charitable acts for others.

Keeping these thoughts in mind, let's unpack ways your marketing communications can emphasize goodwill and generosity throughout the year.


5 Tips for Weaving Generosity into Your Marcom

ONE: Express Gratitude. Show appreciation by using encouraging and uplifting language that expresses appreciation for customers, prospects, and team members. Look for ways to highlight snippets of positive customer experiences.


TWO: Create Unexpected Delight. Give away bonus tips and content when others are emphasizing their last minute sales. (Consider sending out an end of year email series (using this one as an example) offering marcom tips with no strings attached.)


THREE: Create Impact Opportunities. Frame acts of kindness with discounts, offers, and matching donations as ways to sincerely make a difference. Use strong calls to action with specific steps for seizing the moment.


FOUR: Highlight Personalization. Just like Santa delivers personal gifts, address customers by name, Joy. Celebrate client milestones, offer personalized recommendations, and describe services to solve customers' specific problems.


FIVE: Convey Like-Mindedness. Use language to showcase the values you and your customers share. Evoke emotions that align and connect with your audience on a deeper level.


GOOD NEWS! Using the tips in this four-part series every day can help you create connections while setting your brand apart from others.

Stay tuned for one more blog post that will offer you six more marcom tips creating marcom with heart.

Until then… Be Blessed,